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Moiese, Montana, continued

Onyx AFpushing off with his his injured leg while free lunging © Frankie Frazzini

The next stallion presented was the 4 year old jet black Onyx AF #ShA-05-229 (Janos x MJL Shaleez by *Shandor). Onyx received all "8's" for his type, sex type, head, neck, body and legs. When Janos was only a week or two old he suddenly lost all use of his left rear leg. Veterinary diagnosis and subsequent surgery revealed that Onyx had received a traumatic blow to his left stifle joint which damaged his cranial cruciate ligament and his medial meniscus, and his prognosis for athletic soundness was poor. This cranial cruciate ligament is responsible for holding the stifle bones in proper position. This injury would apparently result in euthanasia for an adult horse, but the veterinary surgeon and consulting veterinarian encouraged us to try to save the colt, since he was so young--perhaps there was a chance that he could be breeding sound at least? Since I, as his breeder, had already been impressed with Onyx as having possible stallion quality, I went ahead and raised him in hopes that he could be of some use to the breed. And now Onyx has convinced us that he should be given a try as a breeding stallion. Onyx's main obvious disability is that he is unable to bring his left hind leg fully

underneath his body. However, he traveled well enough and soundly enough on the day of his inspection to receive all 7's for his gaits, thus being approved for Shagya breeding with the very good average score of 7.75! Onyx was excused from jumping due to his injury.

Onyx AF pedigree and family

Kathleen Warren photo

Janos (*Salem x *Bashira) competed successfully in AERC 50- and 100- mile competitions with Stephanie Fine (above during the Ft. Howes 100 in 2005) Prior to that time he had stood at Adele’s Shagyas. Purchased by Mr. Hasumi of Japan in 2008, he was slated to represent Japan in the 2010 World Cup before his untimely death at the age of only 12 in January 2010.

MJL Shaleez (*Shandor x Curundu Tara ox) Bred by Melody Link in Texas and purchased by Adele as a three year old, Shaleez inherited her size, nearly 16 hands, from her sire. She inherited her black color from both sire and dam, as *Shandor’s dam was a black Shagya XXXIX daughter born in Hungary and imported into Denmark by Ulla Nyegaard as a foal at her dam’s side.

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