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The Unicorn Preserve (continued) PHIL ANDTERRY HEY | SIOUX CITY, IA

After that we got ready for our July vacation, which consisted of a road trip to Rock Hill, NY (80 miles north west of NYC) to visit Phil’s brother, Dean. His sister and her husband also came so it was a pleasant visit but a heck of a long drive, about 1300 miles each way.

While we were gone, the horses stayed at a little boarding place a mile or so down the road from us, called “Horse Haven.” Since it was so close, I didn’t bother hitching the trailer, I just rode them there. “Flow” (Florence: Baron AF/Flora AA by H. Bravo) went first, then went back for Kai and “Count”(Cosmos Whitner: Shagya Sun/ Ravenwood Cresent ox by Saud El Ameer ox), aka “Count”. I had decided to pony Count off Kai. It was the VERY FIRST TIME I had ever ponied a horse off Kai but he took it in stride as if he’d done it every day.

When we returned to get the horses after our trip, the barn manager, Margo, said she’d never had such well mannered, friendly horses in her life. “I wish I had a pasture full of horses like that. What breed did you say they were?” Margo learned a lot about Shagyas in a short amount of time! I left a few newsletters and other printed material for her. Since she owns two purebred Arabians, a mare and a gelding, it wasn’t hard for her to be at- tracted to Shagyas. I suggested she think about breeding her mare, who has been a broodmare before, and maybe have a beautiful part-Shagya for her very own.

I am trying to get Emir back into regular work now that we’re back but the weather hasn’t cooperated very much. Phil is wondering when did we move to Seattle? It’s been very wet, and when it isn’t wet, it’s very hot and humid with heat indexes in the triple digits, much too hot to ride. Florence, (Aka Flow), with her rich bay color, becomes soaked with sweat just standing under a tree in that weather, so she’s enjoyed being inside with a fan on her during the worst of the heat. She seems to take this luxury for granted like the princess she is.

Count seems to be moving a bit better all the time and I am beginnging to wonder if I should give him ten or fifteen minutes of riding a few times a week. Meantime, we hitch Flow to the cart and drive her about once a week which seems to be as much fun for her as it is for us.

Hoping to hit a couple more shows in Aug, Sept and Oct if possible with a goal of competing at First Level for the first time. That’s the plan anyway, and in the meantime we are busy with farm related chores such as re- doing the stall floors, replacing fencing and putting up hay. We hope you are all having a great fall. Have safe (wear a helmet!) and happy rides and drives, everyone!

NASS NEWS Summer 2010

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