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Farm News The Unicorn Preserve PHIL ANDTERRY HEY | SIOUX CITY, IA

It’s been a busy but terrific summer so far. My last big adven- ture with Shagya Emir AF (Shagya Scherzo AF/Echo Daal by H. Bravo), aka “Kairos”, was the Iowa Dressage Classic June 19 and 20, held in the Des Moines area at the Maffitt Lake Eques- trian Center. The biggest challenge in showing Emir is keep- ing him clean; never before have I had a horse so dedicated to being dirty! He is very faithful to his daily roll in the mud! The night before our departure he got a thorough, sudsy bath and the next morning he was plastered again. Thankfully I had sprayed most of him (sans saddle area) - with Show Sheen, so I hosed him off and then cross tied him while I packed the trailer so he stayed clean as he dried off.

Got to the show grounds in good time - about a four hour drive, and got there just minutes after Missy and her other student, Deb, so we all worked together bedding stalls and setting up our tack stall. But as we were unloading the hay, we found there was no room for it in the tack stall which was filled with tack trunks, tack and camp chairs for three people, so we were forced to shove it against the barn, under the scant overhang. Deb and I looked up at the sky. Huge black clouds were forming. “Did you bring a tarp?” “No - I was hoping you brought a tarp?” “No, I don’t think I have a tarp. . .” I decided to make a run into the city in search of a Target store, raced to the truck and soon I was roaring down the interstate with my eyes peeled for any indication of a department store. I saw a Target sign in the distance and headed for it. I literally ran into the store, found the camping gear, grabbed a tarp, raced to the checkout, paid for it, dashed to the truck and roared back to the show grounds. The first fat drops of rain were just beginning to fall. We covered the hay and dashed into the tack stall just as the heavens opened and the rain poured down - literally in the nick of time. The cloudburst lasted about 20 minutes but the hay stayed dry!

“Kai” and Terry brave the mosquitoes.

The next morning we awoke to steamy fog. Thank goodness, jackets were waived because it promised to be quite humid. Kai and I got ready for our first class, Training 2.

The test went well and Missy was pleased. We got a second in that class, with Deb taking first, only .4 of a point over us. There were about a dozen entrants. Our second class, Training 4 went even better. It was the FIRST TIME we had ridden that test that well! We got a second place in that class too, again, this time only .3 behind Deb who won. It was like that all weekend. . . the same thing next day - second place, only fractions of a point behind Deb who basically cleaned up that weekend, but I was very happy with Kai. ..we got a 65% in Test 4, our best score for that test at a USDF show. This was only our second rated show ever, and only our second show of the season, so to come home with an armful of red ribbons didn’t seem too shabby. We are schooling First Level, working on trot leg yields and lengthenings as we already have the 10 and 15 m circles down pat.

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