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NASS News is a tri-annual publication (or "newsletter") designed to keep NASS members informed on of current news of the NASS organization, its members, & NASS' parent organization, the ISG. In years of NASS Inspections there will be a fourth issue dedicated to the Inspection. Other information of general interest to Shagya-Arabian admirers: such as articles on horse management, training, breeding, etc. can be included if space permits.

Advertising: The fee for the tri-annual newsletter for a half page ad will be $35.00 and for a full page ad $60.00. The discount for an annual ad (for a full year/three issues) is $90.00 for a half page and $160.00 for a full page. The fee for the "Inspection Issue" is $125 for a half-page ad and $200.00 for a full page ad. NASS members may place Classified word ads in the newsletter at no charge (maximum 30 words). Non-NASS members can place Classified word ads for a price of $15.00 (maximum of 30 words). All horses advertised for sale must be registered with NASS. All Shagya-Arabian and Arabian stallions advertised for breeding must be registered with and approved for Shagya Breeding by NASS.

The Newsletter will include (but is not limited to) the following topics: Committee Reports, Clinics-Shows- Open Houses, Farm News (not to exceed 200 words in length), ISG News, HHA News, New Foals, New Horse Owners, New Members, Articles of Interest on horse management, breeding, etc. if space allows, *Classifieds: List of NASS registered horses for Sale, Calendar, and Half-page and Full page Advertising. *Sale horse infor- mation in the listing may include: name, sire & dam, measurements, age, color, markings, & level of training. Ads are limited to 30 words per horse. Prices are permitted for horses for sale.

The tri-annual newsletter and Inspection Issue will be assembled and edited by an Editor. Prior to Publication they will be reviewed by the NASS President (and the other BOD members as required) to insure appropri- ateness of the material. Letters, articles and advertisements from members reflect ONLY the opinion of the author and not of NASS. NASS cannot be held responsible or liable for ANY wrong or misleading informa- tion. NASS reserves the right to refuse anything submitted for cause.

Submissions to the Newsletter, including advertising and sponsorship should be directed to the Editor. Pay- ment must be received before publication deadlines and should be made out to NASS noting reason.

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NASS NEWS Summer 2010 Page 39

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