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with PSHR’s name because it doesn’t have “Arabian” in it, making the point that Shagya is a sire‐line, not the breed name– the breed is Shagya‐Arabian not “Shagya”, as it is an Arabian breed; PShR Representative offered to change PShR’s name if ISG wanted PShR to do so.

• 100 NASS Inspection newsletters were offered to the ISG Delegates and they were a big hit!!!!

Breeding Committee Report – Adele Furby • Adele requested that the BoD waive the DNA verification of parentage for the dam of a 2007 filly whose parents are both NASS Approved into Book I. The filly is thus eligible for registration as a Purebred Shagya Arabian. This filly was acquired by the current owner/applicant in an equine rescue situation. The owner/applicant submitted a handwritten bill of sale from the owner/breeder stating the sire, and dam and all other relevant information. However, the dam is deceased and there is no DNA on record for the dam. Since this can be seen as a "hardship" situation, Adele suggested that NASS modify the requirement for this filly, by requiring DNA verification for the sire but not for the dam, as there is no reasonable doubt as to the dam of the filly, since the dam was bred and foaled at the breeder's/seller's farm. Adele also pointed out that up until the foals born in the 2007 year, DNA verification of parentage was only required for transported semen foals, not for foals bred and born on the same farm, so modifying this rule for this 2007 filly is not such a big change from recent NASS protocols. BOD approved

• Swiss Shagya Society has had a request from a mare owner who wants to use Elaine Kerrigan’s stallion for their mare which is registered in the Swiss Society (SAVS) – very rule conscience group and they need an actual document that says the stallion’s performance test has been waived, since he’s gone above and beyond in performance tests – but SAVS wants it on paper. Carol requests a copy of the document be put on file with his papers. AHA has everything that he’s done in their records. Adele requested Breeding Committee get copy also and it can be added to ISG database performance records. BOD approved

Registrar Report ‐ Carol Neubauer • Work has been slow. Processed 5‐6 registrations this year. Received applications for 4 horses bred by Nancy Skakel; two certificates have already been issued.

• Working on a summary of registrations • Needs $ for registration certificate blanks; purebred are in lowest supply. Carol will check on number/amount estimate; J. Bratt can check with printer that did newsletter to see about what they might offer – would need copy of a blank.

Newsletter Committee Report – Jamie Bratt (Editor) • NASS Newsletter update: Nothing urgent to report. New feature “Herd First” w/ brief reports

Fundraising/Marketing/Promotions/Events Committee: • Equine Journal Articles – Jamie Buck – Need articles for November and December • Crystal’s article available; have some photos, need photos of mares mentioned • We should contemplate if we want to continue posting articles in EJ • Need September copy for Nov; Need October copy for December • WEG in September in Kentucky, Jamie Bratt and Rebecca Blair are planning to rendezvous there and hoping for other NASS Members too!

Organization Liaison Reports/Updates: • AERC – Monique Vincent, Patty Betts – NO REPORT • SETC – Atlanta July 15‐17th NASS Booth – Jamie Buck (Monique Vincent & Jamie Buck attended had a NASS Booth with Crystal’s articles on table; typical conference, met some great people, pretty informal)

• USDF & USEF – Hope Phelon (for Kathy) ‐ USDF Out of 17 Shagyas declared, only 2 showing now (Terri Hey and Emily Christen); Participation could be down due to expense and requirements

• No info on USEF at this time • AHA – Elaine Kerrigan ‐ > No report

New Business: • No new business

Old Business: • No old business

NEXT Meeting Scheduled – Wednesday, October 27, 2010 6:30 PM Pacific Time

Motion to Adjourn: Motion – Jamie Buck, Second – Hope Phelon Time ‐ 7:32 PST

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