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Performance Feature *Hadban USA (cont’d)

he could stay in Dick’s big stock trailer, so Dick overnighted him for several nights at his training facil- ity prior to the competition so that Hadban would be used to spend- ing the night in the trailer instead of in his paddock. Well, this turned out to be a mistake. Hadban was just so excited about being there that he must have traveled at least another 35 miles over- night. And, as my husband Charlie said in the morning, “It was just like he was inside of a giant drum.” And, indeed it was; by Saturday morning ride time, EVERYBODY in the camp knew who we were--the people with the noisy stallion!

At the start of the ride Saturday morning it was obvious it would be a hot day by Montana stan- dards. Both Saturday and Sun- day highs were in the mid 90’s. Dick started about 20 minutes after the offical start time so as to avoid the crowds at the be- ginning of the ride, but he said that a few miles down the trail, in a big open meadow, there was a somewhat chaotic scene, with a few horses barely in control running around, and lots of activi- ty. But Hadban and Dick stayed on track and came in to the 16 mile vet check in fine shape. The only con- cern Dick and I had was that maybe Hadban was feeling a bit sore in his front feet. (He was wearing good

NASS NEWS Summer 2010

iron endurance shoes but had no pads.) However, after the manda- tory rest period, Hadban and Dick were on their way back to camp and arrived after 35 miles in fine form. Hadban, being very gentle, was very cooperative with vetting, etc., but did tend to try to show off to all of the mares. At the vet

Since Hadban and Dick seemed to have handled the first 35 miles OK, we decided to go ahead and see if they could go another 35 miles on Sunday. We decided to over- night Hadban at the trailer (we had brought 3 panels to make a stallion-proof corral) and we found that Hadban handled being out- side much better than he had handled being inside the trailer. Consequently, we all got a lot more sleep the second night!

Dick and Hadban conquer the trail

checks if there was a mare in his line of vision, his heart rate would go up, but come down immedi- ately when there were no mares in view. The ride was completed well within the time limit, and Hadban’s vet results were almost all “A’s”.

Sunday was another hot day, but Hadban and Dick took it all in stride. Dick said that Hadban trotted the entire 16 miles on the return route, and Hadban finished in the Top Ten. The vets were very complimentary about how well this stallion who has never really been any- where except on a farm, was able to adjust to this new situa- tion. Everybody at the ride was so supportive and friendly, and we got many compliments, not only on Hadban’s beauty and the improvement in his be- havior over the weekend, but

also on Dick’s great horsemanship. And, after the ride, Dick gave the ultimate compliment for an en- durance horse, when he told me, “I think that of all of the horses I have ever ridden in my life, includ- ing lots of Arabians, this horse has more GRIT than any horse I ever

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