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Performance Feature *Hadban USA Begins Performance Testing ADELE FURBY | MOIESE, MT

Dick Vrooman trots out with *Hadban USA

When my bay import- ed stallion *Hadban USA (Harapnik/*Irahna-453 by Amos) was approved for breeding by NASS in September 2009, I began thinking about what type of stallion performance test to do with him.

One option was to have Hadban performance tested in a “field tri- al”, whereby over the course of a weekend he would be ridden by both his own rider and a test rider, doing basic dressage and stadium jumping, along with free jumping, and to demonstrate his stamina he would successfully complete an AERC endurance ride with a total ride time of no more than 195 min- utes. As an alternative to a “field trial”, he could participate in one of the American warmblood stallion performance tests, such as the ones given by the Oldenburg Society.

NASS NEWS Summer 2010

As a third option, Hadban could demonstrate his performance potential in open competition in dressage, endurance, competetive trail, eventing/combined train- ing, hunter/jumper or driving.

In looking over the options I con- sidered both what type of disci- pline I thought Hadban might be best suited for, as well as what op- tion would be the most doable for me. Ever since Hadban arrived at Adele’s Shagyas he has impressed us all as a tough horse who really likes to travel. He spends end- less hours playfully racing against whatever stallion lived adjacent to him--not in a nervous or frantic way, but more as if he just loves to go. Also, Hadban’s sire Harapnik is a product of Romanian Shagya breeding, and the Romanian Shag- yas are known as being especially

tough and enduring. In terms of “do-ability”, endurance is a good choice as well, as it doesn’t take a great deal of “expert” training to prepare a horse to do distance riding, and there are also enough AERC rides within a day’s driv- ing distance that I knew we could find enough competitions to ful- fill the requirement of 5 rides, 3 of which needed to be 50 miles or more. So, endurance it would be for Hadban’s performance test.

I was lucky enough to find a re- ally good, experienced trainer only a few hour’s drive away. Dick Vrooman has been starting colts for many years and has ridden scores of horses of many breeds, including a good number of Arabian horses.

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