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European Championship Show (continued) BY ADELE FURBY, ISG JUDGE

scoring above 8.0, and the lowest-scored mare receiv- ing a 7.23!

The Senior Champion Mare, who was also “Best in Show” was the winner of this class. A beautiful and typey snow white mare from Czech Republic, Shakira (232 Shagya XXV x 581 Koheilan IV-52) is Topolcianky- bred. Her owner Dr. MV Paskova capably showed Shakira. This is a mare who is instantly recognizable as a Shagya-Arabian--feminine, dry and elegant, and with a big, strong frame. Reserve Champion Mare was the second-placed mare from the 7-10 year old class, Gazala (Gazal XI-1 x Gasha 317), bred by Josef Gschiel and owned by Walter Fahrnleitner, both of whom are Austrians. Gazala impressed as especially strong and powerful, and was capably shown by fellow Austrian Charlie Hemmer.

Junior Champion Mare was the lovely three-year old Babolna-bred Gazal XIV-2 (2890 Gazal XI-4 x 253 Kemir V). This mare has the classic Babolna type--big and strong, with a smooth body and elastic movements. Reserve Junior Champion was the well-developed yearling filly Koheilan Bajos P (Koheilan XXXIII-39 x 10 Siglavy Bagdady XVI-27). Her breeder and owner is Imre Parti of the Pelsonius Stud in Hungary.

The stallion classes at this show were not as large as the mare classes. Junior Champion Stallion was an- other strong-moving Koheilan XXXIII-39 offspring named Koheilan Faroa P (x 788 Siglavy Bagdady XVI1)--thus validating the successful cross of Koheilan XXXII-39 (from Mangalia, Romania) bred to a Siglavy Bagdady XVI daughter. Reserve Junior Champion was another Austrian horse, Saklawi I-702 (Geydan x Timina), who exhibited a classic type along with his good balance. He was bred and is owned by Johann Rogowiecki.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Furrer Koheilan Faroa

Senior Champion Stallion was another Koheilan XXXII-39 son from Pelsonius Stud, Koheilan Marakes P. His dam is the Magdan ox daughter Amurath Maisa. Interestingly, Marakes’s paternal half-brother (out of 693 Koheilan XXXIII-28) was second place be- hind his brother in the 4-6-year-old stallion class, and these two six-year-old stallions were featured in the lunch show program pulling a Hungarian carriage!! They were perfectly-behaved and made a near-per- fectly-matched driving pair.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Furrer Gazal XIV-2 NASS NEWS Summer 2010 Page 13

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