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Featured Article European Championship Show BY ADELE FURBY, ISG JUDGE

On June 12-13 I had the privilege of judging the Eu- ropean Shagya-Arabian Championship Show, which was held at the Stadl-Paura Horse Center in Austria. For this American visitor Stadl-Paura was a very good facility for such a show. The old “Imperial Gold” build- ings give the atmosphere from the Austrian Mon- archy, and the huge, ten-year-old indoor riding hall featured excellent footing, good natural and artificial lighting, good seating for the audience, and a restau- rant located on an indoor balcony on the second floor overlooking the arena.

The show was very well organized by our hosts, the Austrian Arabian Society. The ISG Delegate’s Con- ference which was organized by the ISG in conjunc- tion with the Austrian Society, was conveniently held on Friday afternoon prior to the show. The meeting featured excellent simultaneous translation for both German to English and English to German, and it was sensible to conduct the meeting prior to the show so that all participants could thereafter focus on partici- pating fully and enjoying the show in a positive at- mosphere.

The Austrian Society had also organized a great show program which took place during the lunch break. The program featured both pomp and circumstance, with Shagyas carrying uniformed riders and pulling Hungarian-style carriages, as well as two upper-level dressage performances (one ridden side-saddle!), and “fun” exhibitions with youngsters demonstrating those remarkable Shagya dispositions while jumping and performing various tricks and games. On Satur- day evening a “Breeders’ Evening” featured a buffet dinner and a performance featuring Austrian-style folk dancing.

The Shagya-Arabian Championship Show had 85 en- tries. While the Austrian horses were in the majority, Shagyas from Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and Italy also participated in sig- nificant numbers. The Pelsonius Stud in Hungary pre- sented the largest number of horses (8), followed by the Babolna Stud in Hungary with five horses.

A total of 55 owners entered horses in the show. My fellow judges were Bruno Furrer from Switzerland, Michael Horny from Slovakia, and Rudolf Meindl of Austria. The show schedule was so well-planned that we had adequate time to judge each horse, and we were able to stay right on time! Gudrun Waiditschka was show photographer, and the reader can view her many outstanding photos at her website,

Photo credit: Elizabeth Furrer Shakira - Champion Mare

The mare classes at this show were particularly im- pressive. Perhaps the most challenging class to judge was the 7-10 year old mare class, with 16 individuals shown We judges had our work cut out for us, as all of the mares were good mares--with seven mares

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