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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

César Alierta Chairman and CEO, Telefónica

César Alierta, chairman of Telefónica of Spain, can take credit for the telco’s operational, financial and innovation success in deploying IPTV services not only in Spain, but interna- tionally in the Czech Republic and – a region of rapid growth for the company and its TV plat- form in particular – Latin America. Telefónica España’s R&D department has also been a pio- neer of IPTV technology, originally developing the Imagenio platform as a proprietary solu- tion in 2002, and later developing it into one of the earliest hybrid-terrestrial set-top box platforms in the industry in 2004. Telefónica

was also a pioneer of DVR technology. Telefónica España had 773,000 pay TV

customers at the end of September, up 18.2% year-on-year. Net additions for the year to date numbered 70,000, up 68.7% on the same period in 2009, while the number of Dúo and Trío dual and triple-play cus- tomers accounted for 90% of the company’s retail broadband base. Retail fixed broad- band customers in Spain rose 4.6% year-on- year to about 5.7 million. Elsewhere, Telefónica Latin America’s pay TV base grew by 3.6% to 1.7 million.

The next stage of Telefónica’s develop-

ment of its TV business could see the com- pany take a 22% stake in Prisa-backed pay TV platform Digital Plus.

Hannes Ametsreiter CEO Telekom Austria Group, CEO A1 Telekom Austria

of line losses in the fixed net segment. With the merger of the two domestic operations A1 and Telekom Austria we managed the biggest merger in Austria and subsequently the restructuring of the Telekom Austria Group. We are now the first fully integrated telecom- munication provider in Austria implementing convergent solutions at numerous levels: at the company level, in terms of product portfo- lio, technology and customer service. We man- aged to have a stable cash flow despite adverse and very challenging legal and eco- nomic framework conditions.

Telekom Austria, under Hannes Ametsreiter, has continued to be at the forefront of explor- ing the possibilities offered by IPTV.

Age 43

Education Doctorate. Studied journalism, communications and sport science at Salzburg University. After completing doctorate, started with an MBA at the Pepperdine University (USA).

Previous positions International brand man- ager, Procter & Gamble.

Achievements of the year Our major achievement is the active balance between our forward orientated strategy and strict cost management. We put our focus on innovation, products and growth and achieved reduction

Surprises of 2010 The great success of touch technology demonstrates that the expe- rience of communication itself plays a more important role than mere usability. People not only want to communicate, they want to have fun with devices and do not care at all about the specific channel used and the underlying technology. Touch technology is just right – offering both functionality and fun. So we see clearly that in technology customer conven- ience seems to prevail over mere functionality.

Goals for next year For the coming 12 months I will continue to foster and drive inno- vation in telecommunication and to offer attractive product bundles and innovative products such as aonTV. I also aim at pro- actively shaping the international telecommu- nications framework conditions and trends. As a leading fully integrated telecommunication

provider in the CEE area, we will moreover face up to the central challenges of the 21st century information society on the basis of innovative products, technologies and services.

Game-changing future development To my mind, the single most important development is the unlimited and direct access to knowl- edge for anyone. I strongly support the new EU goals for Europe’s digital future laid down in the 2020 strategy, which envisage provision of broadband coverage for all EU citizens by 2013 as a main target. I share this vision as it represents the right way to strengthen Europe’s position as a globally competitive innovation economy over the long term.

Ambition as a youngster Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship always fascinated me as such. That was one of the reasons why – together with a friend – I founded a magazine. Moreover I was ambitious in sports. Born in Salzburg of course skiing was one of my favourites but I also did athletics. Both gave me great inspiration and experience I could transfer to my professional career.

Favourite TV show Biography and history programmes as well as Discovery Channel.

Life outside work I love to spend as much time as possible with my daughter and family and to do outdoor activities in the beautiful Salzburg mountains.

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