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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Euro 50 > Leaders in broadband and pay-TV

Eric Tveter Managing director, Cablecom

company’s marketing and communication efforts on existing customer requirements.

Age 52

Education MBA, Rutgers University; BS, Long Island University.

Previous positions Chairman, Sightspeed; Board director, Open TV; president & COO, Telewest.

Eric Tveter has been a key figure in re-estab- lishing the positive reputation of Cablecom, now owned by Liberty Global, amongst Swiss consumers. As managing director he has overseen a number of key initiatives over the last year.

In launching the “Changing for You” pro-

gramme at the end of 2009, Tveter initiated a programme to radically strengthen the customer focus of cable operator, creating a new operational excellence and customer experience department, and focusing the

Achievements of the year Having passed the first two levels of German lessons! Focus over last 18 months was on fixing the broken operations and restoring trust with colleagues, government, media, shareholders and cus- tomers. Cablecom now has reached an accept- able service level.

Surprises of 2010 I was pleasantly surprised that the Swiss cable industry has managed to step quickly out of its historic image and established itself as the leading enabler of multimedia content in today’s household as well as the most cost efficient and customer focused answer to the hype on fibre to the home.

Goals for next year Completing the turn- around of this company and lead Cablecom into a new and sustainable era of success. Drive DTV growth, demonstrate the superiority of Fiber Power cable, continue to improve cus- tomer experience and build (trust) in the brand.

Game-changing future development Finding the unique gateway to the customer’s home will be the challenge of the coming three years. After being in the cable business for 30 years, I know that this industry is characterised by fast-paced changes. We will ensure that our operations can constantly adapt to such new and exciting develop- ments.

Ambition as a youngster My dream was to be a New York Yankee like Mickey Mantle. Now I’m showing my age of course.

Favourite TV show Watching the Rangers (ice hockey) and New York Yankees (baseball) in HD on a live basis.

Life outside work Family time, avid golfer and skier.

Jan Vorstermans Chief operating officer, Telenet

Jan Vorstermans, responsible for technology and platforms at Telenet, has this year helped to oversee the Belgian cable operator’s launch of a full mobile virtual network operator, creat- ing a true quad-play provider.

Age 51 Education MSc. E. E.

Previous positionsWith Telenet since 2003; vice-president, network operations, BT Global Services.

Achievements of the year The launch of a full MVNO, success of the B2B division, and Telenet’s progress on sustainability.

Surprises of 2010 The Belgian incumbent going to unlimited volumes on internet access.

Goals for next year Transform the IT approach, innovate in video and the internet; and realise our multi-device strategy.

Game-changing future development The breakthrough of pads and other devices that will change customers’ behaviour.

Ambition as a youngster To be a great scientist.

Favourite TV show House.

Life outside work As I am definitely not a great scientist, I try to keep up with the work of those that are in the domain of physics, cos- mology and ancient history.

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