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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

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Markus Tellenbach President of the management board of TVN and CEO of TVN Group Favourite TV show Brotherhood.

Life outside work The three main ingredients for my peace and happiness remain family, friends and golf.

Polish broadcaster TVN, led by Markus Tellenbach, recently signed a long-term agree- ment with France Telecom-owned incumbent telco Telekomunikacja Polska whereby the lat- ter will provide broadband and telecom servic- es to the subscribers of TVN’s ‘n’ pay TV plat- form and TVN will become the main content supplier to TPSA, providing content for its basic TV package and the ‘n’ service for pay- TV packages. TVN followed up this deal with strong third-quarter results, scoring increases in subscription numbers and revenue in the pay TV segment. ‘n’ ended the quarter with 29% more subscribers year-on-year, while prepaid service TNK, which added an HD pack- age in May, grew by 25% year-on-year.

Age 50

era. As the biggest broadband-provider compa- ny it is our job as much as it is our duty.

Game-changing future development The future based on information technology is not easily foreseeable due to the enormous possi- bilities and unknown development speed of the technology. I think this will bring the focus of communication activities to the global network, leaving life in “hard-copy” long behind. What used to take a life-time to develop now becomes obsolete in just three years.

Ambition as a youngster I always dreamed about becoming a police detective or a journal- ist. The dream came true when I was 24, when my texts got published on the cover page of the largest daily in Serbia.

Favorite TV show The tremendous House and Monk, TV shows about a slightly deranged private detective whose impressive attention to details leads him to success.

Life outside work I do amateur photography and try to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible.

Previous positions Has been a president of the management board of TVN since September 2009. From 2007-09 he was a member of the supervisory board of TVN. He is also the chairman of the supervisory board of Sky Deutschland. Previously, he held several leadership positions, including president, CEO and COO of SBS Broadcasting, and was CEO of KirchPayTV and CEO of Premiere World. Earlier he led the development and expansion of German commercial broadcaster Vox.

Achievements of the year Our deal with TP is one where we recognize each other’s strengths. TP is a powerful telco and TVN is a fully diversified Polish media company, so the overlap has been significant. They have set up

their own TV operation and the deal is logical from a bundling strategy and also in relation to cost savings. TP will market all our higher value TV products to their customers and ‘n’ will have a direct customer relationship, while we will market all TP services to ‘n’ customers. It allows ‘n’ to bundle DTH with broadband, fixed-line telephony and mobile data. We now have an opportunity to be the only DTH com- pany to offer quad-play contracts to our cus- tomers. While post-paid is the right modus operandi in premium TV, we have also launched TNK as a low-cost prepaid offer, and this year we developed a pre-paid HD package. HD in Poland is absolutely at the forefront in Europe, ahead of Germany in penetration. That also works on the pre-paid side, together with a hybrid digital-terrestrial box we devel- oped. TNK will continue as a maturing product with the largest standalone HD package in Europe. Poland has embraced new technology very fast. Our Onet subsidiary has started on the VOD side, offering video entertainment to online users. The initial reception has been extremely positive.

Goals for the next few years From the TP deal we have targeted an EBITDA benefit of PLN100 million [€25 million] each [over five years]. The areas that will drive that are addi- tional revenue streams from selling broadband and to a certain extent there are savings to be made from harmonising technology. DTT in this market is a quite interesting opportunity because both cable and fixed-line penetration is quite limited. DTT could be a cost-effective way of delivering TV. It could expand the tech- nical reach [of TVN], which has a 90% reach at the moment. Currently the legal framework does not provide for subscription services but in the second wave there could be scope for that. On the premium side there is definitely room for growth. There are 13.8 million homes in Poland, of which four million are premium satellite homes. There are maybe four million cable homes, which leaves three to four mil- lion homes as potential. For the market overall I think a conservative estimate for premium satellite is one and a half to two million homes for the next two to three years. There is a sig- nificant upside from where we are today.

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