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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

David Pollack President and CEO, Spacecom

Spacecom, helmed by David Pollack, used 2010 to establish a presence on Africa ahead of next year’s planned launch of Amos-5.

Age 61

Education The Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel; MBA, the Stern Graduate School of Business of New York University.

Achievements of the year We established our presence in Africa, a long-term goal with the positioning of the Amos-5i satellite at 17° East. We decided to take this early entry into the market to enhance pre- sales for the Amos-5 satellite, scheduled to launch in mid-2011. Second, we expanded our DTH anchors on the Amos platforms at 4° West with our fourth DTH service. Capacity on our constellation remains over 90% full. Third, we increased staffing to push forward our new proj- ects for the Amos-4 and Amos-6 satellites that are, respectively, in con- struction and development stages. During 2010, we continued moving towards our long term goal of evolving into an emerging global satellite operator – and this will be our focus in the future.

Goals for next year We are scheduled to launch the Amos-5 satellite in mid-year to 17° East and begin operations soon after. We are press- ing forward in pre-selling capacity and looking forward to penetrating the African market. Spacecom is continuing development programmes for the Amos-4 scheduled for launch in 2013 for a slot above Asia and further into the future with Amos-6 and Amos-7 satellites. We are mov- ing closer to becoming more than a regional player, and looking to become an emerging global satellite operator with these new satellites.

Game-changing future development Interconnectivity, whether through content or data, is taking us in new directions. Smartphones in the telecom sector and HD in the entertainment sector are becoming intertwined; when 3D jumps from the movie screen to moving screens we will be looking at something new. Satellites will help these technolo- gies move into new markets and support them in developed markets.

Life outside work I love being outdoors. I make it a priority to work in hiking or mountain biking in my business travels as well as on vacation.

Dimitar Radev Chief marketing officer, Blizoo

Dimtar Radev has been instrumental in managing the consolidation of Bulgaria’s main cable operators and giving them a new brand – Blizoo.

Age 40 Education MA, University of Sofia.

Previous positions CEO Cabletel; Country manager, Philips Consumer Electronics Romania and Bulgaria; managing director, Euro RSCG Sofia.

Achievements of the year Managing the turnaround of the largest merger in Bulgarian cable after EQT-V acquired Cabletel and Eurocom and launching the Blizoo brand as the most innovative integrated pay- TV and broadband company on the Bulgarian market.

Surprises of 2010 The entry of the big online players – Google, Apple – in the home TV space through the convergence of their OS platforms and fast-growing broadband connectivity in the homes – a trend already embraced by all the major consumer electronics brands in their search for the smart TV-centric proposition of home entertainment.

Goals for next year Monetise the market position of Blizoo as a leader in the video and broadband sector in a depressed economic environment, characterized by low ARPU, widespread “pirated” content usage and poor customer experience offered by all major platforms.

Game-changing future development OTT applications present a massive disruptive opportunity for a host of players from all corners of the IT and CE industry – from hardware manufacturers, online and mobile applications developers, to innovative content delivery plat- forms. Social networking applications, which grow even faster than email and promise to revolutionise the entire entertainment food chain from TV and game-playing to peer communication and collaboration.

Favourite TV show 30 Rock– for sheer fun with Manhattan flavour – and Pawn Starsfor a brilliant execution of a very simple idea – credit- crunched Americans trading their valuables for cash in a Las Vegas junk-for-cash shop owned by hilarious Sopranos-like family gang.

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