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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Euro 50 > Leaders in broadband and pay-TV

Toma˘z Pernov˘sek Deputy managing director, Planet 9, the content and services subsidiary of Telekom Slovenia

Toma˘ z Pernov˘ sek has guided Telekom Slovenia through the process of

upgrading its IPTV system from a centralised service platform-based approach to a distributed middleware architecture, with a view to giving it more flexibility in terms of home network management and allowing users to incorporate content from new sources. Telekom Slovenia has been able to build in an innovative mobile-to-TV UGC application, through which users can upload content to view and share.

Age 37

Education Bachelor in Telecommunications and Master of Science in Economics, University of Ljubljana.

Previous positions Joined Telekom Slovenia in 1998 has been with the group on various positions and companies for the past 12 years, always in the field of IP and TV development.

Achievements of the year In September 2010, Telekom Slovenia rolled out the hybrid set-top box called SiOL Box, which was developed jointly by French company Netgem and Planet 9, where I acted as a busi- ness project lead. Planet 9’s focus was on the backend and interactive services combining all screens, where we could fully realise all develop- ment potential we possess. The SiOL Box followed our internally defined concept, based on a simple goal – to include in a single box all content and services sources: on the public internet, IPTV, cable, DVB-T and the home network – and to put it in the hands of our users through a simple, intuitive and eye-catching user interface. We also put in place a three- screen TV platform called SiOL iO, which was entirely developed locally and really complements the SiOL Box with access to TV content and services on other terminals and vice-versa. It brings user-generated con- tent, made by mobile handsets or web cameras, to TV in a live stream- ing or VOD way. This platform allows us to include quickly and in real time professional content to all terminals via one platform and charge it based on different business models.

Surprise of 2010 The main surprise for me is very fast development of new TV boxes which are coming from the OTT space. I expected they would come, but at such a speed as they are coming now? In an indus- try where development went slowly for all these years, this year explod- ed with all these new approaches above all on how to deliver non-linear video to TV sets. The second surprise is – still – the lack of Flash support on all devices other than computers, and also all the other problems Adobe is dealing with right now. The final surprise would be the re-birth of tablet computers, especially the iPad and its impact on the whole industry.

Goals for next year Planet 9 is trying to move the IPTV service fully to digital TV, which means IPTV stays in the service portfolio just like one building block, but not as a must anymore. Our goal is to establish that vision, not only in the theoretical way, but in the way that users would

widely accept it. Our main strategy in development now is to implement business concepts based on win-win situations for all TV industry play- ers using eye-catching and especially useful user interfaces on all termi- nals. With that in mind, our goal for 2011 is to change the way users con- sume TV content and industry uses it for their business goals, to deliver professional appealing content in new interactive ways to consumers, to do web based type of advertising on TV and to settle as many as possi- ble content partnerships and bring them live via one service to all terminals.

Game-changing future development Using the true value of digital TV – two-way communication instead of one-way – in the entire industry around TV. Advertisers will have to change, as will the broadcasters, con- tent rights-holders and platform owners. The first wave is here, with dif- ferent interactive applications, which are primarily used when users want to use it – the pull method. The second wave is on the way, based on the push method, where users will no longer recognise the impact of digital, where the main drivers will become platform owners like us. Broadcasters, content owners and advertisers are still behind. But when they adapt and use all of these new capabilities, the new digital TV era will be here and the game will be changed. Imagine all advertisements being measurable, interactive and clickable with accompanied mini-sites. They will be different depending on location and user propositions and tied to content, and the user will be watching.

Ambition as a youngster I wished to make a positive contribution in changing the world we live in.

Favourite TV show Only Fools and Horses. Too bad they stopped pro- ducing it.

Life outside work I like to spend quality time with my wife, the kids and our Chinese dog Shar-pei. Care for my wellbeing goes to basketball, ski- ing and fitness and my relaxation time is best spent when sailing on the Mediterranean.

Visit us at at 37

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