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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Ian McDonough

Senior vice-president and general manager BBC Worldwide Channels, EMEA

Ian McDonough has been instrumental in consolidating the position of the BBC Worldwide channels business in a number of countries in 2010.

Age 38 Education MBA, Imperial College London; BSc Psychology, Exeter.

Previous positions Commercial director, History; sales director, MTV Asia (China, South-East Asia).

Achievements of the year Being appointed senior vice-president and general manager EMEA after only 16 months with BBC Worldwide was a major accomplishment. It followed a busy year on the commercial side, launching BBC HD in Poland and Turkey, and BBC Lifestyle and BBC Knowledge on YouSee in Denmark. Negotiating deals with ‘n’, Cyfra Plus, UPC and Com Hem have gone a long way to consolidating our business in Poland and Scandinavia. I’ve continued to work with the same fantastic team. We have laid the foundation for even more launches this year. We have also seen ad sales revenue grow by 70% year-on-year in Poland, and by 100% in South Africa, making BBC Worldwide the largest international channel group for ad sales there.

Surprises of 2010 Just how popular 3D TV has become in a short space of time. I still think HDTV will continue to lead the breakthrough into more homes than 3D for the foreseeable future, but the mass appeal of 3D TV has certainly taken hold of the industry, and we are already starting to see dedicated 3D productions being commissioned.

Goals for next year Our portfolio continues to do well in Poland, Africa and the Nordics and in the coming months we’ll look to deepen our relationship with viewers by giving them more of the programmes that are relevant to them. In South Africa April’s comedy festival sea- son on BBC Entertainment doubled the primetime audience month-on- month, and delivered a 664% increase in its black audience. Launching another channel in western Europe is a major ambition – one we hope to accomplish this financial year. It’s also important that we continue to grow the reach of all our brands, and we’re considering opportunities to extend BBC Knowledge into central Europe and the Middle East.

Gene Musselman President and chief operating officer, UPC Broadband

Gene Musselman has been a key figure in UPC’s success.

Age 66

Education Loyola University of Chicago; MA in Industrial Relations.

Previous positions Worked for Liberty Global and its pred- ecessors since 1991.

Achievements of the year Last year’s highlights are the successful integration of

Unitymedia into UPC, the acceleration of migrating analogue cus- tomers to digital, with successfully upselling advanced value added services like the DVR, HD, VOD and catch up TV, the continuation of the EuroDOCSIS 3.0 rollout, aiming to offer fibre speeds to 80% of the European footprint at the end of 2010, and the successful relocation of the our DTH business in central Europe to Luxembourg – UPC DTH.

Goals for next year Our key focus areas are speed leadership, digital acceleration & customer experience. With the continuation of the 3.0 rollout we make sure that our internet speeds start were DSL stops. We estimate to offer 3.0 speeds to over 90% of our customers at the end of 2011. In 2011 we intend to launch our next-generation digital-TV plat- form in both the Netherlands and Switzerland. This platform will allow our customers to benefit from a whole new engaging approach to con- sume many types of content including: linear TV, VOD, catch-up TV, home network personal content as well as social networking applica- tions, all under one intuitive high-definition and three-dimensional user interface. As part of this solution, our customers will be able to con- sume these types of content on different screens in a simple and cohe- sive way. In addition, we will open up our video/TV product to the world of applications so that a new equilibrium is created between TV and the open internet. Next to these two major enhancements, we are working on other ways to improve the customer experience with cus- tomer loyalty programs and next generation customer care.

Game-changing future development Game change is mainly driven by a significant change in customer behaviour. In this respect, we believe that we are in the midst of a fundamental change in TV viewing habits. Our customers have never had more content, from so many sources and wherever they are. They are responding to this variety by changing their consumption. To this end, there are many new opportu- nities to companies like us to refresh our products while adopting them to those needs. Our subscribers are looking for a trusted source that can bring them media and communication service not only wherever they are, but also in a simple, consistent, engaging and intuitive way.

Visit us at at 34

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