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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

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Kevin MacLellan President, Comcast International Media Group & Comcast Entertainment Studios

This year, Kevin MacLellan expanded his role to become President of Comcast Entertainment Studios, a division created to develop and produce programmes for third- party outlets, as well as continuing to serve as president of CIMG. As president, CES, he over- sees the production of such popular franchises as E! Entertainment Television’s The E! True Hollywood Story, The Soupand Live from the Red Carpet, as well as a thriving global format sales division, that has recently introduced hit GSN series Baggagearound the world. Since joining the company in 2001, MacLellan has made CIMG one of the most dynamic and rap- idly expanding divisions within the company. MacLellan successfully led the rapid expansion of the E! International Network, now in 150 countries, launched The Style Network in 90 countries, and recently established Golf Channel internationally. CIMG programming is now available in 177 countries worldwide.

Age 42 Education Bachelor of Arts, Marist College

Previous positions Director of programming, HBO international; vice-president, international networks, Sony Pictures Television International; senior vice-president, International E! Networks.

Achievements of the year Creating Comcast Entertainment Studios (CES). CES is a fully functioning production company that utilises the creative and technical assets of Comcast’s numerous pay TV channels to pro- duce content for in-house and third party channels domestically and internationally. In its first year of existence CES has created and produced over 500 hours of content for Comcast-owned networks and over 100 hours of content for third-party networks such as ABC, TLC, and GSN. Several of the formats created by CES were then sold to international channels and production companies, such as Endemol, NRJ, Banijay, and TV2. This success lead to CES turning a profit in its first year of existence, which was significantly ahead of original projections. Breaking all previous rat- ings records for E! Entertainment Television international. Across all of our rated channels

we saw an average increase of 26% in 2010 versus 2009. In some markets the channels’ ratings were up as high as 40%. Thanks to hit shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Chelsea Lately, The Soup, E! News, and Fashion Police, the E! channel achieved its highest ever ratings in 2010 domestically and internationally. Doubling traffic to our interna- tional E! On-line sites. On-line traffic to our sites in the UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, and France more than doubled in 2010 thanks to a significant increase in E!’s programming and Red Carpetcoverage.

Surprises of 2010 The amount of consolida- tion that has taken place across the board in the international media business in 2010 is surprising. I expected some consolidation due to depressed valuations caused by the 2009 economic crisis, but I did not expect it to be as wide spread as it is. Companies such as Shaw and Bell Globemedia in Canada as well as BSkyB in the UK were already very large media companies, but now they are entertain- ment behemoths. It will be interesting to see how their increased size impacts their influ-

ence with US companies and other interna- tional media companies.

Goals for next year Continue to grow CES into one of the world’s most successful unscripted production companies, expand dis- tribution of The Style Network and Golf Channel internationally, and assist Comcast with the potential NBCU merger any way I can.

Game-changing future development The continued expansion of alternative linear (DTT) and non-linear (OTT) distribution platforms.

Ambition as a youngster? When I was very young I saw the cinema and I became enamoured with movies. As a result I wanted to direct films. Later I developed an equal pas- sion for theatre and wanted to direct plays.

Favourite TV show 30 Rock.

Life outside work I read a lot of fiction, I still love going to the theatre and the movies, and my partner and I love to travel despite the amount of travel I do for work.

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