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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Katarzyna Kieli EVP & managing director, Discovery Networks CEE and emerging markets

Katarzyna Kieli founded Discovery’s operations in Poland 10 years ago with just three people, under her leadership the multi award winning workforce has increased to 80 employees across three offices in central Europe.

Education Advanced Management Programme, Harvard Business School; MBA and degree, University of Calgary; University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Previous positions Founded the Discovery office in Poland in 2000; appointed general manager for Central Europe, March 2003.

Achievements of the year This year has been very exciting. 2010 marked the 25th anniversary of Discovery Communications and 10 years of Discovery in Poland. To further enhance our position in the region, Discovery Networks EMEA was split in July and I now lead the central and eastern Europe and emerging markets business that includes 98 countries, four regional offices in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia, and a corporate centre in Warsaw. Another major achievement in 2010 is related to the interna- tional launch of TLC, one of the leading female television networks in the US. In our region we launched TLC in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and Poland on October 1 and have also announced plans for the channel to launch in Romania and Russia. Animal Planet HD has also been awarded the prestigious “Biggest event of the year 2010” award and a Titanium Eye statuette during this year’s affiliate PIKE Festival of Thematic Channels in Poland.

Goals for next year First and foremost: con- tinue being the partner of choice for our clients and the best source of exciting content for our viewers. From the business perspec-

tive: investing in new offices and shaping of the new Discovery Networks organisation in eastern Europe and emerging markets. Investing in local content: launching local pro- ductions for TLC in Poland and Russia. Further rollout of TLC across the region.

Game-changing future development Our joint venture with Sony and IMAX will deliver the first 24/7, fully programmed 3D television network in the US when it launches next year, and I am very excited about its launch as our content lends itself so well to the 3D viewing experience. I believe the technology will devel- op at pace and I’m going to observe the trends for 3D with great interest.

Favourite TV show Kell on Earthon TLC, a show about public relations guru Kelly Cutrone and the role she plays in the high-powered and fast-paced world of fashion PR. The other one I have a weak spot for is Phineas and Ferb, an animated comedy series I watch with my sons.

Life outside work Spending time with my family, cooking and gardening. As winter approaches, I’m also looking forward to skiing.

Manuel Kohnstamm MD, public policy & comms., Liberty Global & president, Cable Europe

As president of cable industry association Cable Europe, Manuel Kohnstamm has been at the forefront of efforts to make the cable industry’s case in Brussels.

Age 48

Education International Law, Amsterdam University; Postgraduate in International Relations, Clingendael, The Hague

Previous positions Vice-president public affairs, Time Warner, Brussels; consultant, European Research Associates, Brussels

Achievements of the year After years of hard work, cable gets more and more room to consolidate and to grow. Outdated regulation is winding down. We are taking up our place at the centre of media and broadband innovation.

Surprise of 2010 Twitter, and I am amazed by the number of politicians who get in trouble for using it too frivolously.

Goals for next year To be able to say as Ted Turner did: “I was cable before cable was cool”. In Europe we have still some way to go, but I have no doubt that we really can become the new benchmark for the EU Digital Agenda. I want us to play a leading part in the next revo- lution of the digital industry.

Game-changing future development The total blend of television and internet, and no- one has really figured out yet how to be the consumer’s best friend in that world.

Ambition as a youngster To be an inventor Favourite TV show Top Gear, and 24

remains a nail-biter. Of the newer shows, I am intrigued by Mad Menand Dexter.

Life outside work My four children are tal- ented at field hockey. I love to see them play and coach them on the side. But watching CSI or a James Bond movie with them is just as good. To stay in shape, I bike, row and kitesurf.

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