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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Diederik Karsten Managing director, UPC Netherlands

Diederik Karsten will next year take over as UPC’s managing director, European broadband operations, replacing Gene Musselman.

Age 54 Education MBA, Erasmus University.

Previous Positions Managing director, KPN Mobile; various positions at PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble.

Achievements of the year Several high- lights in 2010 relate to the growing demand for our digital services, such as the growth of HD channels. Also the usage of our video-on- demand platform increased. Our customers ordered, almost 50 million times, on-demand content such as TV shows, movies, series and concerts. That’s a growth of 45% compared to 2008. And I am very proud of our innovative power such as the remote recording service

that we announced in September which enables consumers to programme their DVR via smart-phone or the internet. Last, but not least, we are further upgrading our network. The roll out of EuroDOCSIS 3.0 enables all our two-way customers to use fast internet speeds up to 120Mbps. We want to make sure that all our customers, even in the more remote areas can use fast internet, digital telephony and interactive digital television.

Surprises of 2010 It is impressive how quick- ly new mobile data use is growing, with the arrival of compelling devices such the iPhone and iPad. These are made possible by the growing network speeds and have created a whole new type of demand, new applications, (social) media use and TV Everywhere con- cepts. We are really going mobile on a mass market scale. Though it was not a real sur- prise, given the time we spend every day on analysing this.

Goals for next year I’m looking forward to starting my new job, with the obvious goal of course of giving it a productive and effective start. Additionally, we are working on the intro- duction of a home gateway, a recorder that will integrate TV, internet and telephony into one device. We see that content becomes available on all platforms and the promise of convergence of platforms finally comes to life. This next-generation device is a group-wide project that will consume a lot of my attention.

Bartlomiej Kasi ´nski Strategy and development director, Multimedia Polska

Previous positions Digital services director, maintenance manager.

Achievements of the year Significant growth in the area of previously deployed services – digital TV and the internet. Good market perception of the new service of inter- active television – aMazing – with growing audience of the launched formats.

Surprises of 2010 It was not a very innova- tive year. Surprises? Maybe the rate of growth of internet TV set market.

Bartlomiej Kasinski has fully implemented a digital TV platform, including HD, VOD and interactive applications, for Multimedia Polska.

Age 37

Education MBA, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; mechanical engineering and management from the Technical University of Poznan.

Goals for next year Next applications on interactive aMazing channel – voting, forms, auctions etc. Launch of the streaming plat- form, thus expansion with digital TV services, currently offered through the set-top box. Better integration of all of the service ecosys- tem.

Game-changing future development The market is currently quite unstable. We can see advances in Internet streaming, mobile tech-

nologies – LTE – connected devices, content positioning... Everyone has an appetite to become a video service operator and there are technologies able to support this wish. And currently this is happening at some expense to the infrastructure owners, who need to upgrade their systems, to be able to load more and more video through their IP systems.


cannot identify one single most important “game-changing” factor. However I am pretty sure that we are observing a very interesting process of video delivery process redefinition. Three years from now it will be to a large extent changed.

Ambition as a youngster To become a pilot, a quite typical one. And this year I eventually managed to fulfill this dream – I am quite a stubborn person, it’s true.

Life outside work I like physical activities – bicycle, skiing, swimming – that work well to counter the hours spent at a computer screen. And of course flying, which acts now both for pleasure and for faster business commuting.

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