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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Richard Halton CEO, YouView

Richard Halton was thrust into the public eye this year as CEO of YouView, the connected TV joint venture of the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Five, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva. As CEO, Halton has day-to-day operational

responsibility for YouView (formerly Project Canvas). As Canvas project director, he was responsible for leading the development of the initiative, which aims to bring subscrip- tion-free internet-connected TV services to UK homes in 2011. Halton steered YouView through a year of close scrutiny by numer- ous (often hostile) industry players by seek- ing to demonstrate the intention to create an open platform, accessible to content and application providers, as well as winning the support of device manufacturers. YouView will introduce a programme guide that goes backwards as well as for- wards to enable people to see what’s on cur- rently alongside shows they have missed from the last seven days, including pro- grammes from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five. The boxes will include a DVR and viewers will be able to search by genre,

interest or locality, including films, sports and new content from the internet. YouView also plans to offer an applications store. Halton has said that the platform will pro- vide both economic and creative benefits, leading households that have not previously had access to the internet to go online for the first time, as well as accelerating growth in the market for connected TV devices and boosting the video-on-demand industry. Most recently, Halton reached out to the

content industry, saying that he was keen to share information with content providers about the development of the service. Previously Halton led the BBC’s corporate

strategy team responsible for emerging plat- form and commercial strategy and he has been instrumental in developing the BBC’s editorial, technology and business strategy over 10 years. He led the BBC’s ‘Creative Future’ strategy for the director-general in 2005 and prior to that was controller, TV strategy, responsible for the development of the BBC’s suite of digital TV services. He is also a former board member of Freeview.

Adrian von Hammerstein CEO, Kabel Deutschland

Leading German cable operator Kabel Deutschland has gone from strength to strength over the last year, launching a suc- cessful initial public offering in challenging market conditions, building out its high-defini- tion offering (and launching a 3D service), making faster than expected progress with debt reduction and winning the praise of ana- lysts. Under the leadership of Adrian von Hammerstein, the company has managed to build on the solid foundation of utility-like rev- enue streams from its large basic cable sub- scriber base by offering high-speed broadband digital pay TV and telephony, leading to growth in ARPU and higher overall revenues, even at a time of general economic retrench- ment.

Age 57

Education PhD in Economics, Harvard University.

Favourite TV show The news. Life outside work Hike, sail, ski.

Previous positions CEO, Siemens Business Services; CEO, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Achievements of the year Successful IPO of the company in difficult market conditions.

Surprise of 2010 The introduction of the first 3D services.

Goals for next year Maintaining growth momentum in our broadband business and accelerating growth in the TV business.

Game-changing future development The de-linearisation of TV.

Ambition as a youngster To change the world.

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