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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

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Surprises of 2010 The biggest was the dis- proportionate emphasis on OTT against tradi- tional pay TV services, despite there being lit- tle substance behind the claims made by the stakeholders. I have also been surprised to see pay TV operators still buying equipment from companies that proactively support OTT and are trying to undermine the pay TV industry.

Goals for next year My primary goals are to successfully integrate 2Wire into the global Pace business, and to work with our pay TV customers to help drive up their ARPU by tak- ing advantage of the new services that can be delivered over the internet into our products.

Game-changing future development Hybrid technologies will change the face of the majority of the industry and convergent gateways the rest. We’ve known for several years that this would be the shape of things to come and it’s now starting to happen. Hybrid or convergent gateways have the potential to bring together broadcast, broadband, OTT and triple-play services under the umbrella of

managed services providers. With these capa- bilities pay TV operators can “own the home”. In the most developed digital TV markets, con- vergence will accelerate rapidly over the next three years. Triple-play offerings will start to take a grip, including traditional pay TV mod- els, along with business models incorporating the new OTT services and the inclusion of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones in a single seamless architecture. The hybrid capability to support this evolution is already built into our products and we are developing new convergent gateways; it is these develop- ments we have anticipated for some time.

Ambition as a youngster To be happy.

Favourite TV show The current favourite is Mad Men, although I’ve just discovered Battlestar Galactica– a guilty pleasure!

Life outside work I play some blues guitar and also enjoy great music, good movies and eating out – which I work off either swimming or on a long walk.

Lorenz Glatz Chief technology officer at Kabel Deutschland (KDG) & chairman of Cable Europe Labs

Lorenz Glatz has displayed exemplary technol- ogy leadership in helping transform a cable TV business into a next-generation digital services business, through a mix of technical excellence and the ability to build consensus.

Age 41

Education MSc in Physics, University of Vienna.

Previous positions Senior vice-president, design & architecture at UPC.

Achievements of the year Historically most cable operators have built out backbones and upgraded their networks to two-way, then have scaled broadband internet and voice and are now developing and rolling out converged serv- ices. Due to KDG’s late start in the broadband business, we have done and still are doing all of that in parallel. Not dropping the ball here and

in fact rolling out services and products our customers like, want and order in huge num- bers is the achievement the KDG technology team – including myself – is proudest of.

Surprises of 2010 The success of the iPad. To me personally tablet computers are a solution in search of a problem. Just a few years ago we had four devices: a desktop computer, a lap- top, an organiser and a mobile phone. Soon this converged into two: the notebook and the smartphone. My thinking has been – and still is – that this will converge to a single device you carry with you at all times and use standard- ised docking stations for screen and keyboard access when and if necessary. Yet another – successful – category such as tablet computers took me by surprise. But then again maybe I am just getting old!

Goals for next year Continue to cost effec- tively scale KDG’s infrastructure in support of

our rapid growth and roll out interesting con- verged services combining digital TV, broad- band internet and voice. And no, I cannot talk about them yet.

Game-changing future development We have been going through it for a number of years and will do so for a few more years: the internet. Internet technologies have gradually transformed voice services and are just begin- ning to tackle video. We will see many exciting developments based on converged IP platforms delivering everything our customers want. Due to their abundance of bandwidth, cable opera- tors are better equipped than anybody else in the operator space to drive that change.

Ambition as a youngster I wanted to become an astronaut. What else?

Favourite TV show The Wire. Simply amazing.

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