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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Itzhak Elyakim Vice-president, engineering and chief technology officer, Yes

Itzhak Elyakim is one of the founders of DTH broadcaster Yes. In 2010 he oversaw the rollout of Yes’s over-the-top VOD service, fully integrated into the Yes EPG to ensure a seamless user experience.

Age 50

Education BSc, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva Program in Management, Bar Ilan University. Masters of Engineering, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Previous positions Head of radio & satellite networks, engineering divi- sion, Bezeq.

Achievements of the year Our major achievement is to keep leading the market in every department. Yes has been running VOD services over the top since March 2010, and we believe we are now offering a VOD service superior to that of our competitor. In the past year we have also launched an iPhone app. Our major catalyst today is what we at Yes call Max Total, which includes three services in one set-top box – PVR, HD and VOD – which together provide a total TV experience.

Surprises of 2010 Yes launched during the last year an OTT VOD serv- ice using PDL – progressive download – which offers HD and SD titles. Although using PDL protocol, the challenge was to give the customer a near streaming experience, meaning watching the content immediately, at least as good as the service of our competitor, the Israeli cable TV company. To our big surprise, the OTT performance is excellent and it seems that it is not inferior to working on a managed network! It added capabilities and strength to our powerful hybrid satellite and IP platform. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised with the home network HPNA over coax solution, and found it very reliable, stable and work- ing in very high bit rates.

Goals for next year Yes is a pioneer of the hybrid concept that ele- vates the advantages of the satellite and IP world and during last year

the ‘return channel’ limitation was removed. Our goal is to deepen the services that use this and expand the three screen viewing concept.

Game-changing future development I recognise two areas of impor- tant technology developments in the video world that will affect the industry. First, using new protocols of managed peer-to-peer streaming (MP2PS) mechanism with quality of service, to allow video content already stored in users PVRs at home to be streamed to neighbouring users. Second, keep improving the compression algorithms to meet the ever growing demand for delivery of high quality video to more and more types of devices.

Ambition as a youngster I was always interested and attracted to the satellite world. I dreamed of building a satellite, becoming an astronaut and reaching space.

Christophe Foglio CTO, M6 Group

Christophe Foglio is chief technology officer for leading French media company Métropole Télévision Group (M6 Group), which offers pro- grammes, products, and services across a range of media including tele- vision, the Internet, and mobile devices. Under his leadership, M6 Group has completed commissioning of an end-to-end file-based workflow that supports on-air delivery of its M6 and W9 digital terrestrial channels and pay-per-view channels, as well as production and distribution of content for video-on-demand, IPTV, and iPhones. Overseen by Foglio, M6’s integrated platform for multimedia con-

tent distribution today supports one of France’s most advanced mul- tiplatform broadcast facilities.

Visit us at at 22

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