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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Euro 50 > Leaders in broadband and pay-TV

Age 61 Education Technical University of Delft

Previous positions CEO of Ziggo from February 2007, having served as CEO of Essent Kabelcom/@Home. Prior to October 2002, was man- aging director of Libertel Network (part of Vodafone). Served as a mem- ber of the board of management of Libertel with responsibility for mar- keting, strategy and business development. His early career was with Fokker in production, engineering and commerce. He served as a mem- ber of the board of Fokker Aircraft in the early ‘90s with responsibility for marketing, sales and services. He then became CEO of aircraft serv- ices at Stork and later managing director of Philips Projects from 1998- 2000.

Achievements of the year The finalisation of the merger of three cable companies into the media and communications services provider Ziggo.

Surprises of 2010 To be honest, none of the major developments real- ly took me by surprise. However, what I didn’t expect was the speed smart-phones and their applications became an integrated part of our society last year.

Goals for 2010 Integrating mobile into our existing consumer proposi- tion and growth of our B2B market share in the Netherlands.

Game-changing future development Integrated service. By this I mean availability of our services on any device, in any place and on any moment it suits you.

Ambition as a youngster As a young kid I was fascinated by the – in my eyes – enormous buses in our city. So I wanted to become a bus driver.

Favourite TV show The eight o’clock NOS News. Life outside work Playing the piano, jogging and cycling.

Age 43

Education Telecommunications Science at the Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences)

Previous positions Erwin van Dommelen founded eventIS, which was acquired by SeaChange in 2009; previously, he served as director/prac- tice manager at KPMG UK; programme director, high-speed data and voice at Swiss cable operator Cablecom and project manager/system architect, Philips Digital Television Services. He has been responsible for overseeing national rollouts of new interactive digital television services as well as defining business strategies and developing new technologies for SeaChange.

Achievements of the year We led the multi-screen video trend during 2010, making several services available to millions of viewers globally on the back of our software and services. The Virgin Media Player man- aged service has gone live to UK subscribers, offering television pro- grammes over mobile and PC. Likewise, StarHub has gone live to mobile and PC users in Singapore. Mobile operators Three UK, 3 Italia and Vodacom South Africa have all launched mobile subscription video-on- demand services.

Surprises of 2010 Unfortunately I did not see any big surprises in the industry this year – or I missed them completely!

Goals for next year I would say that we have been focused on advanc- ing our customers’ opportunities in multi-screen video services. Software is our leverage to do so, and as a result of that I believe we will rapidly change our ranking amongst the list of the world’s largest soft- ware companies.

Game-changing future development The shift to the personalisation of the video experience and the integration of the video and Internet worlds.

Ambition as a youngster I wanted to be a scientist.

Favourite TV show Voice of Holland. I do not watch much TV myself, but my family likes this show and I enjoy spending time with them watching this on Friday evenings.

Life outside work Outside of work, I am a passionate cyclist and spend time with my family – my wife and three kids who are sixteen, nine and five years old.

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