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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Volker Dietzel TV and portal development, Swisscom

In March this year, Volker Dietzel’s TV and his portal development team at Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, oversaw the launch of Swisscom TV air, the operetor’s new 3G-based mobile TV offering. The 3G service provides Swisscom’s

customers with access to more than 30 live TV channels for viewing in high-defi-

nition on their TV or computers at home, or on their mobile devices while out and about. With the launch of Swisscom TV air, Dietzel and his team have deliv-

ered the first three-screen TV service in Switzerland, making the vision of ‘anytime, anywhere’ video a reality, and increasing customer satisfaction. Swisscom itself has continued to make progress with its IPTV

platform, recently launching a range of new triple-play packages under the Vivo Casa brand, which include Swisscom’s first commer- cial fibre-optic package. The operator had 358,000 IPTV subscribers at the end of

September, up a staggering 92.5% year-on-year. Swisscom added 41,000 TV subscribers in the third quarter of 2010 alone. The com- pany had 1.553 million retail broadband access customers at the same point, up 7.8% year-on-year.

Bernard Dijkhuizen CEO, Ziggo

Ziggo, the largest Dutch cable operator, headed by Bernard Dijkhuizen, added an impressive 61,000 triple-play customers in the third quarter of this year. The cable operator added 26,000 broadband subs, 44,000 telephony customers and 55,000 digital TV customers, taking its triple- play total over the one million mark for the first time to 1.045 million – about a third of the company’s overall subscriber base – while total rev- enue-generating units rose to 5.735 million, up 3.3% year-on-year. The company now has 851,000 digital pay TV customers, up 18.4% year-on-year. Ziggo posted revenues of €1.019bn for the year to date, up 7.2%. EBITDA was €582.8m, up 18.6%. Other highlights of the year include the launch of a 3D demo channel with content supplied by SBS Broadcasting, as well as the launch of its services via the CI Plus common interface standard. Ziggo (along with sister operator UPC) also saw off a competitive

threat in the shape of abortive moves by regulator Opta to mandate that the pair open up their analogue tiers to wholesale-based com- petition.

A good year for Ziggo capped a successful career for Dijkhuizen, who in 2002 became CEO of Essent, one of the companies (along with At Home Netherlands and Casema) that later were merged to form Ziggo. Dijkhuizen was a key figure in steering that merger to completion. The company, owned by private-equity groups Warburg Pincus and Cinven, has also laid the groundwork for a possible IPO.

Erwin J van Dommelen President, SeaChange Software

As president of SeaChange Software and, previously, chief executive of eventIS, Erwin van Dommelen has been instrumental in the develop- ment and rollout of multi-play on-demand networks across Europe. He has delivered on-demand systems for a wide range of service

providers, including the two largest cable operators in his native Netherlands, UPC and Ziggo, as well as the UK cable operator Virgin Media, Germany’s largest operator Kabel Deutschland, and its sec- ond and third largest, Unitymedia and Kabel BW, and market-leading Belgiun cable operator Telenet. As president of SeaChange Software, Van Dommelen is leading

the integration of the company’s global engineering teams, which have been behind the creation of some of the world’s largest video- on-demand footprints, representing tens of millions of subscribers across the world. As CEO of Eindhover-based eventIS, van Dommelen has been

responsible for helping the company to capture a significant share of Europe’s burgeoning market for on-demand solutions, a succes that culminated in the acquisition of the company by SeaChange International in 2009 for €26 million. Following that acquisition, he was promoted to take charge of SeaChange’s software division in March of this year, looking after the unit’s growth and profitability as well as product roadmaps and strategic direction.

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