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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Claudio Cerioli Senior vice-president, sales, Europe, Arris

immediately after University and held various positions at corporate and within its cable divi- sion between 1986 and 1996. Joined Antec in 1996, which became Arris in 1999. Managed the European business since 2008.

Since Claudio Cerioli became SVP of EMEA sales and operations in 2007, Arris has seen its annual EMEA sales revenue quadruple.

Age 49

Education Aeronautical Engineering, University of Naples; MBA, SDA Bocconi, Milan. Previous positions Joined the Pirelli Group

Achievements of the year Making the DOC- SIS 3.0 migration as trouble-free and easy as possible for all our European customers. This was achievable thanks to well engineered plat- forms and by listening carefully to, and work- ing very closely with, cable operators to help them prepare for this transition.

Surprises of 2010 Our industry is mainly driven by technology and while disruptions do happen, these are normally well anticipated. However, the recent acceleration of interest in the convergence of video, broadband and voice into a single customer device is a remarkable development that will certainly drive new investments.

Goals for next year There is still a lot of work to do and new opportunities to be realised in DOCSIS 3.0: Cable operators will continue to roll out new services and increase data speeds, thus securing their competitive advantage. Another goal is to help operators improve their customers’ overall experience: bring them the options and solutions to be able to offer the best service package together with the best customer service available.

Game-changing future development The relentless move to all-IP: the convergence of platforms and customer premise equipment into an IP solution that is capable of delivering any type of service to any device – in the home or mobile. Achieving network operational effi- ciencies, speed in bringing new services to market and being able to anticipate customer demand are therefore critical. Arris’s focus on the next-generation headend and home gate- way is aimed to make that future real.

Mike Darcey Chief operating officer, BSkyB

Mike Darcey has been a key figure in ensuring BSkyB’s success for the last 14 years.

Age 45

Education Post-graduate degrees in math- ematics and economics.

Previous positions COO since 2006. Previously led Sky’s strategic planning group.

Achievements of the year Reaching the milestone of 10 million homes across the UK

Surprises of 2010 As ever, TV proved itself an industry not for the faint hearted. 2010 saw ITV and Channel 4 both get new CEOs Channel Five and Living TV get new owners, Big Brotherput to bed, we saw our first ever televised leaders’ debates, Sky 3D launched, ITV moved into pay, we saw a shotgun BBC licence fee settlement, the iPad launched, Sky reached 10 million homes, and Ofcom told us

and Ireland, announced as a target in 2004. Aside from the satisfaction rightly felt by all those who’ve worked tirelessly across the busi- ness to get there, it was also pleasing to prove many self-styled industry experts wrong. All throughout my time at Sky the naysayers have been telling anyone who’ll listen that pay TV has reached a ceiling. They’ve been proved wrong year after year. This is not just an achievement for Sky, but the pay TV industry. It’s worth reflecting on the fact that in little over 20 years pay TV penetration has grown from nothing to 52%. Great progress to date, and we’ve collectively still got more than 12 million homes to shoot for.

that even though we’re spending more time online and on our mobiles, we’re also watching more TV than ever. Did any of this take me by surprise? I’ve probably been in this industry too long to be surprised by much!

Goals for next year To ensure that Sky con- tinues to drive forward by responding to the demands of our customers. This means contin- uing to offer the best in choice, quality and value. It may sound straightforward, but in an ever more competitive landscape, it requires real energy, discipline and leadership.

Game-changing future development It’s probably wise not to speculate, to ensure pred- ications don’t come back to haunt me, but I’m confident that irrespective of the technological innovation taking place, content will remain of paramount importance. And the big question will be one of how great new content is funded moving into the future. I can only see sub- scription revenue becoming even more impor- tant in sustaining investment in content and Sky has significant ambitions in this area.

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