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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

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to provide HD channels unencrypted and as part of the basic tier pack- ages to all customers with DVB-C equipment from 2011 onwards.

Goals for next year YouSee will have an interesting 2011. In many areas of development, for example web distribution and the change from linear TV to on-demand in general, we shall move from a product development stage to large-scale deployment across technology, content, support and so on. This will demand a lot of focus over the coming 12 months. New early-stage product development areas will emerge and OTT content dis- tributed directly to connected TVs will probably be a prominent one in that category.

Game-changing future development In general I do not believe our industry will change fundamentally over the next three years, but as a cable operator I will mention that the convergence – and ultimately the merger – between broadband and TV products could have a significant – and positive – impact over the next three years, where we could move from a situation of commercially bundled triple-play offerings to more functionally bundled offerings with web TV as a first example of this. On the more negative side of things, OTT distribution should be mentioned, and here I do see a risk in a three-year time-frame that the development of TV on-demand will be driven too much by broadcasters, especially via connected TVs, which eventually will lead to the bypassing of cable oper- ators.

Ambition as a youngster I have had an interest in computers and tech- nology since I was quite young, but as a child and youngster I was also much involved in music, and for some years I had plans to pursue a career in that area. It resulted in a couple of very interesting years at the Institute for Musicology at the University of Copenhagen which I would have never missed, but it also convinced me that music was more of a hobby and less of a career path for me, so I changed to the slightly less creative studies of Physics and Computer Science at the Technical University.

Favourite TV show My PVR has, for some years now, been set to series recordings of The Daily Showand I rarely miss that. Recently my wife and I started watching Mad Menand I must admit that it grows on you.

Life outside work With three children aged seven, five and one, and the privilege of having a very interesting job, there is not much time for extracurricular activities, but I try to find time to play music – I’m current- ly playing the trombone in a Copenhagen-based soul/funk band – as well as relaxing on my mountain bike in the forests north of Copenhagen.

channels unencrypted in our three TV packages. In late 2009 we relaunched our web-based TV service with the 40 most seen TV chan- nels in Denmark. It comes with a new player which streams TV on Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers. The web service is free of charge for all our dual-play TV and broadband subscribers.

Surprises of 2010 The speed of households’ renewal of their TV sets. Approximately one in four households bought a new flatscreen TV in 2009 and it will probably be even more this year.

Goals for next year Competition is on the rise in the Danish TV market. New IPTV operators and a DTT operator offer their products all over the country. YouSee has a tough job to face the new market situation to make it possible to continue growth in revenue and profit as we have done for the past 39 quarters. We’ve just announced plans to launch an à la carte TV offer from April 2011. It could have negative impact on the Danish TV market where nearly 20 commercial Danish channels are part- ly financed by subscriptions. The challenge is to find a model that can both satisfy the customers wish for a more individual packaging and the TV channels demand of a reliable income stream.

Game-changing future development The fast growing use of on- demand television is remarkable. YouSee has signed startover contracts

with nearly all channels in our TV packages and the service is growing incredibly fast. I believe on-demand services as startover and catch-up will boom. It will be a challenge for many operators to stay ahead of the growing need for capacity as the market gradually changes from linear TV to time-shifted TV. It is obvious that web-based television and OTT solutions are also likely to change the market as these technologies will loosen the network owners grip on the market. I believe we’re quite well positioned regarding web-based distribution of TV with our own web TV service.

Ambition as a youngster In my professional career I’ve always had an ambition to work in areas where I can produce important benefits to soci- ety. My jobs in telecommunications, forestry and cable TV fall into this category.

Favourite TV show This time of the year it is definitely the Champions League football as shown on the Viasat 3+ channel in Denmark. I’m a great fan. The channel I choose most, however, is TV 2 News, which is a Danish 24 hour news channel.

Life outside work Whenever and wherever the time and the weather permits, you’ll probably be able to find me on the green chasing a lower handicap.

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