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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Anders Blauenfeldt vice-president, product development, YouSee

Anders Blauenfeldt has been instrumental in developing Danish cable operator YouSee’s on-demand services. The company was the first in Europe to launch a startover service. In 2007 Blauenfeldt pioneered the concept of simulcasting TV channels to PCs at no extra cost for the customer. The concept is now a cornerstone in YouSee’s broad- band strategy of combining TV and broadband. In 2008 Blauenfeldt was also responsible for establishing a unit with a focus on video-on- demand, and he is now pushing the movie industry towards new release window structures.

Age 38

Education MSc in computer science from Technical University of Denmark and MA in interactive media from University of Westminster, London.

Previous positions Involvement in IT development and the early stages of new media since mid ‘90s: involved in building the first web activities of national broadcaster TV 2; co-founder of a Danish internet startup. Joined TDC, the incumbent Danish telco, in 2001 working in cor- porate strategy while also teaching at the IT University of Copenhagen. Moved to the Middle East to build a greenfield GSM operator in Oman from 2004-06, before returning to Denmark in late 2006 to join YouSee, the Danish incumbent cable operator.

Achievements of the year I can mention two areas. First, in 2009 we decided to go seriously into movie distribution and take a step back up the content value chain. We have now established direct agreements with all major Hollywood studios as well as changing our product devel- opment organization to cope with on-demand development going for- ward. The other area worth mentioning is our web TV offering where we have made a fundamental move towards TV on all platforms by launch- ing a whole new system where our TV channels can be consumed via PC for all customers taking broadband and TV from us at no extra cost. Development within web distribution of video is moving fast and we have managed to establish YouSee as a significant player within this space across content rights and the technical platform over the last year.

Surprises of 2010 There have been so many interesting developments within content and technology of course, but to take one, I could say that the fast and very large-scale rollout of new HD screens in Denmark has surprised me. With terrestrial analogue shut down one year ago in November 2009, it was anticipated that a lot of DTT customers would invest in a set-top box – but what happened instead was that the majori- ty of customers bought a new flat-screen TV instead. The same develop- ment can be seen within our cable customer base where a surprisingly large number of customers have bought new screens and this has paved the way for some fundamental product changes – for example our plans

Niels Breining CEO, YouSee

Age 55 Education MSc in Economics.

Previous positions CFO, TDC Business (1996-99); senior executive vice-president Det Danske Hedeselskab (1995-96); division executive TDC, (mobile, publishing, cable TV, public data network)(1991.95); chief of staff, Jydsk Telefon )1988-91); CFO, Jydsk Telefon (1979-88)

Over the course of the last 10 years Neils Breining has achieved a remarkable turnaround at a company that was on the brink of collapse. YouSee has now seen growing revenue and profitability for 39 quarters in a row, while the number of customers has increased 44%.

Achievements of the year The single most important achievement recently was our decision to go ‘clear’ – unencrypted – on digital TV in 2009. We had marked digital TV as a premium product for a decade without really succeeding. To make digital TV a mainstream product we decided to offer the same convenience as with our three analogue TV packages. We removed all entry barriers by decrypting the digital signals and thus effectively eliminating the need of box and card for each TV- set. On top of that we added 10 extra digital only channels so that our three TV packages now include 50 digital clear channels, of which 40 are also distributed in analogue. We estimate that two out of three cus- tomer now watch digital television on a daily basis, up from around one of out ten in mid-2009. We have recently announced that we will extend the ‘clear’ approach by also including the HD versions of the existing SD channels in our package offerings. As of January we will include 10 HD

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