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Digital TV Europe November/December 2010

Victor Belov Director, service platforms & networks, Comstar-UTS Age 35

As head of platform and network tech- nology for Russian pay TV and broad- band provider Comstar-UTS, Victor Belov directs techni- cal strategy and operations of the largest IPTV service provider in Russia. Under his direction, Comstar launched the first com- mercial IPTV and first commercial VOD service in the country. The company’s early-mover advantage has allowed Comstar to become the largest IPTV service provider in Russia and the CIS, offering a wide range of services including live TV, VOD, time-shift TV and pause live TV.

Education Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation

Achievements of the year This year we launched pause-live-TV service, which was an immediate success with our customers. We also launched a PC product – our service is now available on two screens – TV and PC.

Surprises of 2010 The speed with which 3D TV is adopted by the industry.

Goals for next year Bring our service to more end-user platforms – portable devices, tablets etc.

Game-changing future development There will be less difference between the service delivered over managed and unmanaged (internet) networks.

Ambition as a youngster Create things which really make sense for other people.

Favourite TV show Favourite TV shows are Capricaand Sherlock.

Life outside work I love my family and try to spend as much time outside work with my wife and kids. We’ve built a new house so a lot of time goes there too. But finally, if I have some time on my own, I ride ATV through the lands and forests!

Neil Berkett CEO, Virgin Media

Neil Berkett has helped refocus Virgn Media on broadband and has also positioned it for the convergence of linear and over-the-top media through its decision to invest in a TiVo-pow- ered next-generation user interface.

Age 55

Education BCA from Victoria University, New Zealand.

Previous positions Before joining Virgin Media, was managing director, distribution, at Lloyds TSB plc (UK). Previous roles include: chief operating officer at Prudential Assurance Company Ltd UK; head of retail at St George Bank; senior general manager at the Australian division of Citibank Limited; chief executive at Eastwest Airlines Australia and financial controller at ICL Australia.

Achievements of the year We’re really beginning to make the most of our network and are bringing the benefits of a next genera- tion fibre optic network to life. Our recent launch of 100Mbps broadband was a signifi- cant milestone. In just ten years we have gone from 0.5Mbps to 100Mbps and Virgin Media continues to lead the way in delivering super- fast broadband to homes right across the UK.

Surprises of 2010 Ofcom’s 2010 broadband speeds report highlighted the gap between the speed claims made in broadband ‘up to’ adver- tising and real world speeds being delivered to customers is actually growing. Many ISPs are getting away with advertising 20Mbps but delivering an average of 6.5Mbps. Thanks to our fibre-optic network, Virgin Media delivers around 90% of our advertised speeds but we have to ensure people are confident in the speeds they’re paying for across the board. We already publish the typical real world speeds we deliver to our customers each month and are asking our competitors to do the same. .

Goals for next year We launched a raft of HD channels this year alongside the UK’s first 3D on demand service. We’re building on these achievements and will shortly launch our next generation of digital entertainment, powered by TiVo. The launch promises a future-proofed entertainment platform with game changing capabilities, bringing together the best of TV, online and more.

Game-changing future development 2011 is going to be a really exciting year for TV view- ers, right across the market. We’re about to launch our next-generation digital entertain- ment service, powered by TiVo, and just as

we’ve led the broadband market, we’ll create a step change in TV and home entertainment. Bringing together of the best of TV and online, with intelligent search and discovery and an intuitive user interface, will be a milestone in the digital revolution; putting the full power of digital technology in the hands of the user.

Ambition as a youngster I wanted to become a vet.

Favourite TV show I love wildlife pro- grammes and am enjoying David Attenborough’s First Life.

Life outside work I like to spend time with my family just relaxing.

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