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November/December 2010 featuring: • Sourcing Strategy • EMS Sourcing •What’sNew • Sourcing Live

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Defending supply chain performance

Interconnection specialist, Lane Electronics, has signed up to the Supply Chain 21 (SC21) programme.

Designed to improve the performance of

supply chains in the aerospace and defence industry, the programme is driven by international competition, together with the challenges posed by the defence industrial strategy. Lane’s managing director, Simon

Hammerton, said: “As a signatory to SC21, we accept that we will be tested annually and that our performance will be measured and published. Part of our commitment to SC21 will be to help its development by sharing experiences with fellow SC21 companies. It is exciting to be a part of a programme designed to improve not only our performance as a

Get closer to customIC expertise

Annual Edition 2011 featuring: • Distributor&Supplier Focus •What’s New • Sourcing


JVD's UK-based sales entity will be managed by Nic Houslip

Electronica 2010 Readers can nowwatch Electronics Sourcing’s video reviews of Electronica 2010 online at ElectronicsSourcing

January Annual Edition 2011 Features

• Distributor&Supplier Focus • PCB Sourcing Supplement • Southern Electronics Preview

Analogue mixed-signal ASIC specialist, JVD, has established its first European presence, expanding its international sales operations with a UK sales entity. This will be managed by semiconductor veteran, Nic Houslip.

The company is seeking to fill a niche in

the European analogue ASIC market by offering a variety of ASIC design and manufacturing services using the plethora of boutique analogue fabs in Silicon Valley. JVD claims to offer products that other ASIC companies can’t because the technical requirements do not fit the rigid guidelines of traditional Asian foundries. JVD president,Mike VanDierendonck,

said: “Nic’s experience with Dallas Semiconductor, Synergy and most recently Supertex, has given him a broad understanding of the EU market needs, especially for industrial and medical applications.” 6 | December 2010

Aerco nowstocks a range of heavy-duty trailer connectorsmanufactured by AB Connectors. Established as the standard electrical coupling betweenmilitary and utility vehicles and towed trailers and artillery equipment, the AB trailer connectors and all component parts required to forma complete systemare supplied fromstock at Aercowith noMOQs.

The connector features a push-pull

coupling and comprises 12 contacts that connect the prime vehicle's 24V systemto various trailer circuits providing power for tail, reversing, stop and fog lights, plus other items such as illuminated registration plates. The fixed panelmount connector is

availablewith its associated parts such as rear grommet and nut, panel gasket and protective cap required to build an environmentally sealed system. The cable-mounted connectors feature a

heavy rubbermoulded body, brass inner shell and cap/lanyard. The connectors are designed to withstand heavy shock and vibration and offer an operating temperature of -55 to 100°C.

Lane Electronic's managing director, Simon Hammerton, is keen to see the company's performance measured and published

supplier, but also the aerospace and defence industry as a key sector.”

Hitching up to connector stock

Aerco stocks AB Connectors’s trailer connectors for military and utility vehicles

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