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Jon Barrett Managing Editor

December 2010 Vol 3 No.12

An energetic future

No sooner hadmy Gatwick bound Airbus’ returnedme fromMunich I foundmyself penning this leader: what better subject than a quick Electronica review.

My schedule guaranteed plenty of time in every technology and service area. One

overriding theme was energy, in particular the electronic hardware required to harness renewable energy and deliver it to a new generation of electrically powered products.

I remember discussing exactly these subjects two years ago with one difference: the

discussions weren’t supported by products. This time was different. Fromscooters, bicycles andmotorcycles to passenger and goods vehicles, the world is preparing to reset the energy benchmark with electronically controlled, electrically powered systems leading the way.

What does all thismean for readers of Electronics Sourcing. Simple, your bills-of-

materials will start evolving to include electronic components and products youmay never have encountered before. This will be a long and winding road requiring input fromdevicemanufacturers and distributors.

The best parallel is themigration to LED lighting solutions over the past fewyearswhich

required electricalOEMs tomove into the electronics sectorwhether theywanted to or not. And there lies the challenge. Component distributors and productOEMs need to decidewhether they actuallywant to embrace this newfuture of electric transport. Personally, I don’t think there is a halfway house. Just like LED technology itwill need focus.

One thing I can guarantee is that Electronics Sourcing will be by your side all the way.

Thanks to the huge volume of incoming information we are in a privileged position to spot trends and engineer the editorial content to suit.

Editor’s choice

Throughout the year a variety of device distributors andmanufacturerswork in partnershipwith Electronics Sourcing’s editorial department to plan,write and illustrate a range of purchasing specific articles covering key business issues and technology sectors.

As a fitting conclusion to 2010 I’ve workedmy way back though the past 12 issues and

selected some ofmy favourite articles for our new Editor’s Choice section. Enjoy our efforts and I look forward to welcoming you to 2011 with Electronics Sourcing’s Annual Buyer’s Guide Edition.

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