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Orders placed via MyPEI seamlessly drop onto the factory f loor in the UK or the USA

MyPEI presents over three million connectors that can be built and shipped tomorrow

the production floor. Getting it right took us about a year of programming and testing, but we have it now, so we’d encourage customers to place an order.

How doesMyPEI compare with competitor facilities?

Some of them offer on-line shopping facilities, but no-one has the depth of inventory or the focus that we have here at PEI- Genesis.We have a large connector component inventory, coupled with fast assembly time. This combination, allows us to keep our inventory in its most flexible form, as components, and build to order. This translates into millions of unique connectors that we can build and ship within 48 hours, giving customers the precise connector they need as quickly as if we stocked 50 million different connectors. This gives our customers vast choice and immediate availability.MyPEI brings this unique PEI capability to the web.

Do you perform any checks to identify possible errors in MyPEI orders?

We have both automatic andmanual checks for product quality and regulatory compliance, but the goal withMyPEI was speed, so there are virtually nomanual steps. At the front end, on the web, we are only presenting valid feature combinations, so it would be impossible to order something that we can’t build. To maintain speed, orders entered onMyPEI flow directly into our enterprise environment without any human interaction. Products that involve regulatory controls are handled with amixture of automation andmanual checks. For example, products subject to US international traffic in arms regulations (ITAR) controls are tagged in our system. An order entered onMyPEI for an ITAR- controlled itemautomatically goes on hold until we have contacted the customer and completed the necessary State Department documentation.MyPEI directly feeds our back-end production systems. Those systems are highly automated, involving dozens of in-process quality checks. So actually,MyPEI is

What proportion of orders will be generated viaMyPEI?

I expect that at least 10 per cent will be coming throughMyPEI in the next two years.

IsMyPEI aimed at any particular type of customer? Actually, I thinkMyPEI will be useful for our entire customer base. Engineers will like the fast access to prototype samples and the technical information. Purchasing professionals will enjoy having their contract pricing, their purchasing history and the ability to track their orders in real-time. Plus,MyPEI will enable all customers to access our engineering capabilities on-line.

What other benefits are there forMyPEI account holders?

We’re building an extensive library of product design information that simply isn’t available anywhere else, so that is certainly of great value. Registered users will see additional detail on product availability, customised pricing and their own products, as well as their purchase history. Users can ‘lock’ quoted pricing without the need to request a formal quotation.MyPEI is fully integrated into our worldwide back-end systems, so you can track orders in real- time through our factory.MyPEI also has real-time links with carriers like UPS and FedEX, so you can track shipments right to your door.We took the time to integrate our web presence into our entire worldwide enterprise environment, so we have a solid foundation that we are using to create new features and we have a dedicated programming teamworking onMyPEI every day. The FAQ page at www.peigenesis.comis a great way to get acquainted with the evolving features onMyPEI. December 2010 | 23

a front-end systemthat is part of a robust quality process covering the whole operation fromorder entry to despatch.

Is order order size limited by either value or quantity?

For every item,MyPEI has two options, a 'buy' button and a 'quote' button. You can buy any quantity that we can build fromavailable inventory. This allows us to honour our build/ship promise because we have all of thematerial in-house to assemble the order. For larger quantities, or unique needs, the 'quote' button can be used. We respond to quotation requests within 24 hours either by e-mail or phone, depending on the customer’s preference.

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