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Watch cover removal Laird Technologies has produced a demonstration video for its ReCovr removable top board-level shield (BLS). This video discusses the shield’s features and demonstrates proper removal and reattachment. It also examines howReCovr incorporates the functionality of a two-piece shieldwithout the need for a separate frame and cover.

More products, less paper has been developed to host online copies of catalogues and product brochures as alternatives to paper.Over 2,000 pages are available and, for choice, they are also available on CD, as e-mailed PDFs or on paper. Leuze products range fromoptical and inductive sensors to laser scanners and interlocks. Looking in the right places

Anglia has launched its own search provider, designed to offer instant data, application notes and other technical information for its full portfolio of electronic components. Anglia Search can be set up in Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well asmost other browsers, and can be set as the default if desired.

At the same time, Anglia's new supplier lead

times forecaster provides buyers with the latestmarket information, enabling informed purchasing decisions. Anglia’s CEO, Steve Rawlins, said: “Anglia

Search provides a one-click solution to sourcing technical information on a wealth of components.Whatever website a designer or purchasing manager is on, they can just drag a part number straight into the search box on Internet Explorer or Firefox and go straight to

Anglia's CEO, Steve Rawlins, launched Anglia Search as a one-click solution

the data on our site.We plan to add availability information in the near future.” More RF choice on-line

Microwave and RF supplier,MicroRF Europe, has expanded its web site to feature a range of products fromOmni-Spectra and XMA. These include attenuators and terminations in frequencies fromDC to 50GHz and power handling levels up to 150WCWin a choice of connector series including 2.4 and 2.92mm, SMA, type N, BNC, TNC and 7-16.

The site incorporates a growing list of

items available fromstock, ready for same day shipment to all countries of Europe and other locations worldwide. Further expansion is expected with the addition of new Omni-Spectra passives, including directional couplers and power dividers, as well as products fromothermanufacturers.

Dengrove appointed as UK sole distributor for Kingtronics

Kingtronics range of products includes, T antalum capacitors

Kingtronics range of products includes, Trimming Potentiometers, MLCC capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, Surge Arr

antalum capacitors, Surge Arrestors, Diodes and Rectifiers. General lead-times ar

cts, this offfers you the opp

General lead-times are at 4-6 weeks dependant on the product range. Considering the curr market for these pr

market for these products, this offers you the opportunity to source suitable alternatives. 12 | December 2010 oduct range. Considering the current

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