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Painrelief for Purchasing headaches

Ongoing obsolescence issues give many buyers a headache. Here Colmworth describes some remedies which offer effective pain relief

Althoughmundane in its simplicity, the inevitable depletion of crucial components as systems age has sweeping, potentially life- threatening consequences, so the quest for an obsolete part can escalate into an unexpected, budget-busting expense.

Usually a supplier will announce the end of a product's

manufacturing cycle with an end of life (EOL) notice, enabling purchasers to place a final order that will support the product throughout its lifetime.

Lifetime buys can be an effective

strategy to source obsolete parts, providing buyers accurately forecast what their component requirementswill be.

This can be tricky. Not all


manufacturers send out their alerts in time to request a final factory run. It can also be hard to know howmany parts to stockpile, and depending on the cost of the component, it can be expensive funding the inventory to cover forward demand.

If a buyer is unable to source the

part fromthe originalmanufacturer or a contractmanufacturer that used the part, another possible solution is through independent distributors and authorised non-franchised resellers, such as Colmworth.

Themost straightforward solution

Semiconductor Packaging & Test

• Die attach, wirebond, lid seal

• Ceramic, metal can, multi-chip modules

•Environmental screening

• Electrical test & burn-in

• Military & Space grade

• Obsolete component source or remake

• Standard Hi-Rel Memory Family

Franchised Die Distribution

• Global technical bare chip sales

• 20 franchised lines

• Wafer processing, probe & saw

• Sites in Europe, USA & China

• Technical support

• Design & production assistance

• IC’s and discretes

• Chip resistors & capacitors

Component & Board Rework

• Robotic hot solder dip to GEIA-STD-0006

• Solder exchange Pb & Pb free

• BGA reballing • Package trim & form

• SMT component lead alignment & measurement

• PCB rework

• XRay, XRF and ICOS • Counterfeit detection

Chip On Board & Surface Mount


• Bare chip & packaged components

• Mixed assembly & production

• ASIC design, circuit design

• Die bumping

• Sensor chip assemblies

• LED die assemblies

is a replacement part froma differentmanufacturer. This can impact interfacing parts however, in form, fit or function, and increase the cost of obsolescence solutions.

A component purchased froman

unapproved vendor can also involve costly and time-consuming requalification to determine that the replacement is reliable.

When the company cannot find a

part, one option is to redesign or reverse-engineer the design. This solution is a last resort, though, as it is often time consuming and costly.

Finally, obsolescence is a BS EN ISO9001:2008 • AS9100-B Certified • DSCC QML Certified

For further information telephone +44 (0) 1420 594180 or visit Micross Components Ltd 2 Oriel Court Omega Park Alton Hampshire GU34 2YT

continuous cycle, so Colmworth’s obsolescencemanagement is an on- going process of cleansing the BOM and keeping on top of it. The idea is to provide buyerswith an improved service at reduced cost, compared with purchasingmultiple BOM monitoring tools, leaving customers free to focus on their core activities. 10 | December 2010

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