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victory for texas entrepreneurs and horse owners TEXAS HORSE INDUSTRY’S INFORMATIONAL SOURCE SINCE 1996

ruling ends three year challenge against texas board of veterinary medical examiners Ar l i n g t o n , Va

— Late yesterday, a judge in Austin, Texas struck down an effort by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to put horse teeth floaters out of business and leave the state’s approximately one million horses without proper dental care. The court ruled that the Board violated state law when it changed its policy on horse teeth floating. “The judge made

clear to the Vet Board that enough is enough,” said Clark Neily, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, which

Do you own a tal-

ented horse? Do you often think you and your horse could do what they do on TV or in commercials or in print if only given the chance? Well, now is that time.

On March 12, 2011

in the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth you and your horse can compete using

filed the lawsuit in August 2007. “The ruling means that Texas’ horse teeth floaters are free to go back to work.” “Floating” is the term

dentistry often far exceeds that of veterinarians. Floaters play a vital role in Texas’s horse industry.

for filing horses’ teeth to ensure proper length and alignment. Unlike most animals, horses’ teeth grow throughout their lives. Their teeth must be filed down every 6-12 months to prevent their molars from devel- oping long enamel “points” that can prevent them from chewing food properly. For centuries, the practice has been performed by specialized “teeth floaters,” whose knowledge of equine

challenges you might see on TV or in a movie, do tricks, and perform freestyle to music in a manner similar to American Idol or America’s Got Talent in front of a panel of judges. There are great prizes and a cash jackpot, but even more importantly, the winners will be given an opportunity to per- form at the Historic Fort Worth

one of the nation’s leading prac- titioners of horse teeth floating, applauds the ruling. “From the very beginning,” said Mitz, “my clients and I knew the Board’s actions to put me out of business had nothing to do with quality and safety but everything to do with eliminating competition.” Until recently, the

Texas Vet Board acknowledged and approved teeth floating by non-veterinarians, recognizing

Stockyards Championship Ro- deo and additional venues currently being working with. Every horse that has appropri- ate skills will also appear on a website featured with the Texas Film Commission giving you and your horse an opportunity to “be discovered” when future media comes to our great state looking for talent. Winners

IJ client Carl Mitz,

that “there are not enough veterinarians skilled in equine dentistry to meet the public’s needs.”

2006, the president of the state veterinary association demanded that the Vet Board shut down non-veterinarian floaters and force them, in ef- fect, to turn over their thriving businesses to state-licensed veterinarians. Without con- sulting the public and without notifying horse teeth floaters, the Vet Board complied with the veterinarians’ request and declared bureaucratic war on

extraordinary horse talent search

“Boss” is a 11-year-old, 15.1h sorrel gelding. He’s big, strong, good looking, and gentle with an excellent rein, stop, and back up. He rides very quiet and stands calmly while being groomed and saddled. He is well mannered and has a forgiving mind (should you make a riding mistake) and could be trusted and enjoyed by the Beginner and Novice riders, but mostly appreciated by the Intermediate and Ex- perienced riders. He has a prompt, but very controllable response to all of his riding cues and only does what you ask him to do. Due to this horse’s size and good response to his riding cues I believe the Beginner and Novice riders should ride him in a controlled environment with supervi- sion in a lesson pen for the first few rides so as to not get intimidated. He has no bad habits and has not appeared to get fresh or frisky or buck when we have had him turned out for long periods of time.

“Mano” is a 13-year-old, 15h good looking bay gelding. This is a horse that has been mainly used on trail rides, and has been turned out for over 2 years before I got him. I purchased this horse and we brought him to the ranch and immediately saddled him and began riding. He took to the trails as if he had never been turned out, never once acting fresh or spooky or wanting to buck or act up in any way. He has a laid back way about him, willing but not lazy, and gentle enough for any Beginner or Novice rider, and yet well trained enough to be enjoyed by the Intermediate and Experienced riders. He does not appear to have any bad habits at all. He is easy to catch load shoe and saddle, and gets along very well with other horses. He has been a one owner horse most of his life until I purchased him. This is a good all around kind of horse that would be a real asset to any family, stable, or ranch.

“Troop” is a 10-year-old, 15 hand, beautiful tri-colored paint gelding. This is a really gentle, well mannered horse that rides as well without a saddle as he does with one, has an excellent neck rein, stop and back-up, and is a pleasure to be around. He stands good and quiet when being saddled, shod, and mounted. He has absolutely no bad habits. He has a very forgiving mind (in case you make any mistakes) and has a very laid back manner about him. This horse would be safe and gentle enough for Beginner and Nov- ice riders to learn how to ride on and yet is so well broke and trained that the Best of Intermediate and Experienced riders would really enjoy him. This is a really nice, clean, all-around horse that can be appretiated and enjoyed in the lesson pen, arena, or on the trails in the pasture.

will be featured in the top rated equine publications along with their photos. You won’t find another opportunity like this to promote yourself and your horse. A photographer and vid- eographer will be available to capture these moments. There will be rare breeds, clinicians, trick trainers, and unusual ven- dors and best of all, it is FREE for the public to watch ! As a one day event we expect this to fill quickly so please don’t wait to sign up. Start practic- ing and see all the info at www.

But in the fall of

non-veterinarian teeth float- ers.

waves of cease-and-desist letters to floaters without de- termining how the new policy would affect horse owners and in complete disregard of state- mandated rulemaking proce- dures. The Board even can- celled a public “stakeholder” meeting that had been set for April 30, 2007, based on one board member’s cynical con- cern that a public hearing might prompt legislative intervention on behalf of the floaters. At first, the Board

The Board sent

Volume Fifteen - Issue Four December 2010

denied that it had changed its teeth-floating policy, stalling the lawsuit for two years. The board later acknowledged that it had changed its teeth-floating policy, but claimed that its ac- tions could not be challenged in court.

one of our essential freedoms,” said Neily. “The government needs real reasons for licens- ing horse teeth floating or, for that matter, any occupation. This case shows that when the government violates the law, entrepreneurs can fight back and win.”

“Economic liberty is

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