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The Catholic News. December 2010

The Opening and Blessing of The Fr Aloysius Luigi Gentili Garden

by Michael Wortley P

ilgrims from all parts of the world, including

America and Venezuela gathered in the sunshine to witness the culmination of many months of hard dedicated work – the opening of the Fr. Aloysius Luigi Gentili Garden, at Omeath, Ireland.

That great missionary priest Fr. Luigi Gentili was an Italian Rosminian, who was responsible, in 1842, for the founding of St. Winefride’s Parish, at S hepshed, Leicestershire. But it was in 1848 while preaching a mission in Dublin that he con- tracted Typhus, the famine fever, and died. The Irish people thought so highly of him that all attempts to return his body to Ratcliffe College were resisted. His funeral was a state occasion and his body was laid to rest in the O’Connell circle in Glasnevin. 90 years later, in 1938, the then superior gen- eral of the Order of Charity decreed that Fr.Gentili’s remains should be moved north to St. Michael’s Omeath. The especial-

is well worth adding to your list of places to visit when next holi- daying in Ireland. It is significant that the Garden was opened on the 162nd anniver- sary of Fr.Gentili’s death. This occasion was also remembered at St.Winefride’s, by Fr. Michael Eastwood celebrating Mass at The Gentili Alter.

Traditional pilgrim rituals awaited

Pope at Santiago de Compostela By Carol Glatz

ly built tomb is close to an imposing Calvary at the end of an impres- sive Stations of the Cross, over looking the beautiful Carlingford Lough. Near by are the Shrine to St.Jude, and Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Fr. David Myers, who is the Provincial of the new Gentili Province of England, Ireland and the USA led the proces- sion to the new garden, where he cut the rib- bon, blessed the pil- grims and celebrated mass along with 10

Rosminian priests. Fr.Cesare Decio, an Italian Dominican priest read Fr.Gentili’s prayer in his native Italian language. Around the new garden are information boards telling the Fr.Gentili story, included is a photograph of St. Winefride’s old Pugin designed church. The beautiful garden lies over looking Carlingford Lough and is a credit to Mr. Peter Mallon and his associ- ates who were respon- sible for its creation. It




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The Death & Resurrection of Christ The Holy Spirit

The Church, Reflecting The Light Of Christ

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The Eucharist

Confession & Penance (Reconciliation)

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When Pope Benedict XVI headed to Spain on November 6 and 7, he followed some of the traditional rituals that pilgrims engage in when visiting the popular pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela.

It was his first time to the ancient pilgrimage city and to Barcelona where he consecrated the partially complet- ed Church of the Sagrada Familia, or Holy Family.

"He's very happy to go (to Compostela) because it's something he has wanted very

much," said the Vatican's chief spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi.

Before becoming pope, "he and his brother also once talked about them going together, but it never hap- pened," said Father Lombardi.

Though he will not have walked the miles of roadsides and path- ways other Compostela pilgrims travel when going on foot or by horse, the pope will still carry out some of the tradi- tional pilgrimage ritu-

For those who have died

Please remember in your prayers those who have died recently: Rev Dennis Hare IC, Sister Louis Meeneghan PBVM, Sister Veronica Fanning RSM, and Sister Veronica Maguire's brother, Cahal Maguire who has died. May they rest in peace!

als at the cathedral. The pope will walk through the cathe- dral's Holy Door, which was opened at the start of the year. The feast of St. James, July 25, fell on a Sunday this year, making 2010 a holy year.

Tradition holds that the remains of the apostle St. James the Greater -- Santiago in Spanish -- are buried in the city's cathedral. The pope will head to the crypt and pray at the apostle's tomb and he will embrace a stat- ue of St James, anoth- er pilgrim tradition. Finally, the pope will incense the cathedral in an unusual method particular to the Santiago church. A giant incense burn- er, about the size of an adult human being,

hangs from a rope wrapped around a double pulley in front of the main altar. At special pilgrim Masses and events, the incense burner is swung across the church in a trajectory similar to that of a tra- peze performer in a circus.

The burner is called a "botafumeiro" in Galician, the Spanish dialect spoken in Santiago de Compostela, and it means "smoke throw- er."

In medieval times, its function was not just liturgical. It was also filled with perfumes to deodorize the smells from the hordes of sweating and unwashed pilgrims who went straight to the cathedral after days on the road.

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