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Editor’spage T

here’s a movie on UK satellite TV at present called ‘Couples Retreat’.

For those not familiar with this cinematic masterpiece, in brief it’s about four couples on or around middle age who get a shock when their island paradise holiday turns out to be a relationship boot camp involving each of the main characters having to confront each other’s issues in their respective relationships. The island has two resorts; one for couples; the other is for singles. Through a series of events the men find their way to the singles resort at night and their reaction upon seeing a party in full swing is “BINGO!”

The word association here is something I believe the industry needs to grasp. In today’s modern working environment leisure time is a premium - a development that continues to make a lot of money for dating agencies and singles bars. If the same movie had been made in the UK do you think “Bingo!” would have been the words the men said or “WOW!”?

The challenge facing the UK industry is with changing the association men have to Bingo. The casino industry has successfully managed to make casinos attractive to women by making them cool places to hang out – pre- or post- club. Ice bars, live entertainment, ladies nights, friendly staff – all these helped to increase the number of women visiting casinos.

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Bingo is gradually changing and being seen as a leisure activity of choice – but more men need to made aware that just as casinos have an imbalanced ratio of men : women, this is also true of bingo halls that have a large ratio of women : men. Bingo should be branded a social activity for singles and couples – and attract men - not reinforce the current stereotypical image.

To that end, this edition features an article on Cosmic Bingo the ‘new wave ‘of Bingo that is changing perceptions and associations to Bingo in the US. If you visit our newly launched website you can see it in action in a hosted video from Beacon Entertainments : Meltdown Bingo.

Glyn Thomas Managing Editor

Please note that Peter Rubin resigned as editor and due to copy dates the introduction above was not written by him. We apologise unreservedly for this error in the hard copy edition of the magazine.


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