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North Yorkshire

Debbie and Andrew’s Berry Hills, Kirklington, Bedale 07824 304117

With a passion for fresh ingredients, good, lean pork and delicate herbs, spices and seasoning, Debbie and Andrew’s produces delicious sausages made from nothing but the best. Quite simply the tastiest, loveliest, most perfect sausages! Flavours include Great Yorkshire, Sicilian and Pork & Ale. You can now buy their sausages at supermarkets regionwide.

Deli by the Green 64 High Street, Stokesley 01642 714839

Mark and Sue have created an independent deli, now in its fifth year of trading, offering a wide selection of high quality foods sourced locally and from around the world with friendly customer service to match. Their ready assembled and bespoke gift hampers, tailored to suit all tastes, make wonderful gifts.

Deli on Duck Hill Duck Hill, Ripon 01765 600972

Renowned for their comprehensive selection of fine foods, delicacies available at Deli on Duck Hill include a variety of over 60 specialist cheeses, authentic charcuterie and preservatives. You can also put together your own gift hampers which can be tailored to suit your friends and family.

Farmaround Unit 12, Station Road,

Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond 01748 813690

Farmaround offers a weekly home delivery service of organic produce to addresses all over North Yorkshire and the North East. Each box is filled with fresh, seasonal and locally grown fruit and vegetables to which you can add products from their range of locally sourced groceries.

The Garden House Reeth, Richmond 01748 884188

Purveyors of one of the oldest English country recipes, The Garden House’s award-winning Victorian Damson Cheese is particularly excellent served as a dessert, spiked with almonds and drenched in port, served as a tracklement for meat and game, eaten with a mild dairy cheese, or just simply served with a large helping of whipped cream.

Hook House Farm Kirkby Fleetham, Northallerton 01609 748977

Available direct from the farm, local outlets, box schemes, delivery by arrangement and by mail order, this certified organic farm produces naturally reared Organic Bronze Christmas turkeys which are dry- plucked and hung on the farm. Lamb, beef and even their own delicious honey are also available.

Hostingley Farm Free Range

Hostingley Farm, Dewsbury 01924 272570

For over 20 years Tim and Lynne Lindley have produced traditionally reared turkeys and satisfied customers from all corners of Yorkshire. Their business, Hostingley Farm Free Range, located on the Wakefield/Dewsbury border, has gone from strength to strength and now sells geese and pure British goose fat as well as white and Bronze turkeys.

Just Williams 9 High Street, Gilling West, Richmond 07775 670134

All the fruit in JW’s superb preserves comes fresh from the hedgerows, fruit gardens and orchards of North Yorkshire. Their small batches of fruit butters, chutneys, jellies and marmalades are flavoured with unjustly forgotten delights such as quince, rosehip and golden raspberries as well as old favourites such as Seville oranges and damson. Try their pleasantly hot tomato chutney, which packs a real punch.

Lakeside Country Café North Farm, Ellerton, Scorton, Richmond 01748 818382

Richmond boasts some breathtaking landscapes to explore on foot or by vehicle and there is no more perfect place to take a break from hiking, walking, cycling or motoring than the Lakeside Country Café. The café serves some of the best local treats in the area and the very popular restaurant serves pies, quiches and Sunday lunch. There is also a fabulous little deli counter.

Langthorne’s Buffalo Produce

Brompton, Northallerton 01609 776937 Set amidst the green dales of North Yorkshire, Langthorne’s Buffalo Produce make all their own burgers and sausages from this most unusual of Yorkshire’s sights – herds of wild buffalo. Buffalo milk and cheese are also produced as well as Aberdeen Angus beef, venison, wapiti, lamb and wild boar which are available from the Farmers’ Markets around the region, visit their website for details.

Langton’s Fine Foods 13 Kirkgate, Ripon 01765 698096

An Aladdin’s cave, crammed with high quality local produce such as locally- sourced flour, bread, herbs, cheeses, meat, fish and preserves. Their honey, which comes from hives up on the North York Moors, is a particular speciality.

Low Leases Organic Farm Low Street, Leeming Bar 01609 748177

Established in 1999, this friendly family farm provides a box delivery service for all their local organic vegetables, meats, poultry and dairy products and delivers

across the region. See the website for delivery days in your area.

Mainsgill Farmshop & Tea Room

Mainsgill Farm, Richmond 01325 718860

Mainsgill is renowned for their homemade farm produce, especially their sausages, and their award-winning tearoom with its chutneys, jams and vegetables. The award-winning farm shop also stocks a wide range of home-reared produce: meat, dairy and homemade products plus a selection of fresh bread, fruit and vegetables. Their butchery has scooped five Gold Awards at rigorous regional food competitions and the BPEX awards. There are even animals for the children to pet such as Kevin the Camel.

Newby Hall Farm Shop Leeming Lane, Langthorpe 01423 326452

A delightful farm shop specialising in meat and game from its own stock reared on the Newby Hall Estate and the surrounding farms. A mouth-watering array of beef and pork products accompany seasonal, fresh, local lamb and specialist dairy products. You can also choose from a wide selection of quality cheeses, fresh bread, chocolates and preserves.

Nova Scotia Farm Produce Nova Scotia Farm, Bramham Road, Thorner 0113 2893890

Prime succulent matured Yorkshire beef steak pies delivered direct to your doorstep. What more could you want? Your pies will be delivered via courier as fresh as when they were packed. The price for your first dozen includes delivery too.

The Organic Pantry St Helens Farm, Newton Kyme, Tadcaster 01937 531693 The Organic Pantry offers home grown organic vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy and groceries and provides a wide range of options for customers with special dietary requirements. Whether you visit the farm shop or a local farmers’ market there’s always an abundance of choice. The Organic Pantry also delivers to addresses throughout the North of England making your food’s transition from field to fork as smooth as possible.

Real Staithes

White House, Church Street, Staithes 01947 840278

Did you know that live lobsters are blue and only turn red when cooked? Have you ever chewed on raw seaweed? Probably not! Sean and Tricia of Real Staithes have put together specially designed, full-day courses giving you the chance to experience sea foraging. You will learn how to successfully beachcomb, looking for tasty anemones, hermit crabs and winkles in the many rockpools. 75

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