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summer’s here! by Roger Stevens and Odway

Hello Puffineers! What are you looking forward to this summer? I like going to the seaside.

(I like to leap into the sea and make a huge splash. I’m an ace swimmer – Odway)

There are so many things to write about. There are seashells and seaweed, mermaid’s purses and polished pebbles... (Then I like to run out of the water and shake myself – Odway) I know, Odway, but I wish you wouldn’t shake seawater all over the sunbathers. (Spoilsport! – Odway)

Here’s a poem I wrote on the beach:

A lobster is a lovely pet It doesn’t fuss or bark You can put it on a lead And take it to the park

You can talk about the weather And discuss the price of sand But – just a word of warning Never shake it by the hand

The theme of this issue’s competition is summer. What do you like to do best when the sun shines? Write a poem about it. It can be silly or serious, rhyme or not rhyme, it’s up to you. Send your poems to Freepost Ptolemy’s Pteam HQ (yes, that’s all you need to put on the envelope!) or email by 4th August. We’ll publish the best in the next issue and the poets will receive a gold badge and a copy of A Mean Fish Smile, a book of poems by Jan Dean, Sue Cowling and me. Good luck!

You can choose Bad Bad Cats by Roger McGough as your free book this issue! Here is a poem from this book:

We’re all going to the zoo The chimp and the lion And the kangaroo

The polar bear, the tiger And the elephant too We’re all going to the zoo Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Boo Hoo!


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