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PAGE B4 – November 2010 – The GTA Construction Report

World-class safety consultants geared to Ontario contractors of all sizes

H E A L T H & S A F E T Y S P E C I A L I S T S STAFF WRITER – The GTA Construction Report

Leader Industries provides health and safety consulting and support services throughout North America and around the world. Even with an office in U.A.E., Leader Industries has not forgotten its local roots in Barrie, Ontario. Eager to work with Ontario contractors to make workplaces safer, Leader implements procedures and enforces regulations to avoid potential disasters, both to individuals and businesses. Leader also guides companies through the process and paper- work if a serious workplace injury or fatality does occur. “Sadly, many contractors and sub-trades don’t take the simple measures they need to protect their workers. The so- lutions that lie in training and processes do not need to drain their budgets,” said Jan Leader, the Chief Operating Officer of the family-owned business. “In this industry, around 50 per- cent are not doing what they should be, not because they don’t care but more likely because they’re not familiar with all the provincial regulations. Often times, it takes an incident to raise the flag of non-compliance and these incidents can be so eas- ily avoided without too much effort, by making changes in small doses,” she added.

Hiring external consultants familiar with the construction industry and safety regulations can save companies time and money in the long run because they know the rules and the ropes, and can quickly identify problems that may go unno- ticed internally. “As long as everyone is properly trained and the safety programs are up-to-date, then it is simply a matter of staying on track through repetition and that doesn’t need to cost much money,” said Leader. The company’s President, Greg Leader, founded the busi- ness about 15 years ago after identifying the need to protect companies and the people who work for them against unsafe workplace environments. After achieving regional success, Leader Industries branched out across Canada and the U.S. and then internationally – most notably with an office in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. “We do a lot of pipeline, wind turbine, and solar energy projects and we have safety consultants working on-site for both residen- tial construction and industrial projects,” she said. For more information and to access the company’s free health and safety newsletter please visit http://www.leader-in- or phone 866-939-7999.

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