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Pelham - Windham News November 5, 2010 - 13

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Editor’s note: Te Area News Group continued to receive Tumbs after our last edition (October 29) prior to Election Day. By now, readers know the election results; however, we thought we would share those Tumbs with you. You can be a Monday morning quarterback.

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603-635-2012 “Thumbs down to those that use the ‘Thumbs

up/Thumbs down’ column to anonymously attack political candidates. SIGNED Anthony R. DiFruscia.”

“Thumbs down to all the Republican cronies blasting the thumbs section with negative agendas each week, it gives even the good candidates a bad name. You guys are seriously toxic with your opinions. Let the people decide who they want to vote for without bias and based on a better political education. Not with lies and scare tactics and claiming people are ‘un-American’ and ‘unconstitutional’ if they don’t vote Republican.”

“Thumbs up to Anthony DiFruscia running a write-in campaign for State Representative. He’s really showing how much he cares for this district by not giving up.”

“Thumbs up to Rep Bates for being the hardest

working Representative, being open-minded to his constituents, and ready to act upon their concerns.”

“Thumbs up to Representatives Garcia and

Bates. Stand strong, don’t let last week’s nasty ad bother you. I’m voting for you!”

“Thumbs down to Carolyn Webber. You won’t be able to ‘save’ Rockingham Park. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“Thumbs up to the residents on Squire Armour

Road working hard to preserve the quality of life in the town of Windham. The Highway Department has recognized that the Rte. 93 expansion project has caused noise levels in the neighborhood to exceed Federal standards, however, they are unable to construct a sound barrier because too few families live on that street. What is seemingly an issue for one neighborhood is actually a problem for the entire town. The erosion of property values impacts the amount of tax dollars collected but it also hurts other residents when Realtors use home sales in this neighborhood as comps. for setting a selling price


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for other Windham homes. Most folks on Squire Armour Road recall signing a petition to prevent the construction of a cell tower in Windham although their homes were entirely unaffected by its construction. Here’s hoping that town officials and town residents once again come together to keep Windham quiet and beautiful. Thank you.”

“Thumbs up for the Memorial School Fall Sports Awards! It was done differently this year thanks to AD Coach Kress, Mrs. Levine and the PMS Booster Club! What a wonderful evening, great food, great decorations, and great atmosphere! There is not much you can do with a school cafeteria, but they did it up beautifully! What a nice way to

reward the kids who played fall sports! It was all about the kids and it was awesome! My daughter had a GREAT time! Let’s hope they do the same for the Winter sports! Great job!!”

“Thumbs down! The Windham Transfer Station office has a newspaper clipping on the wall with a penciled-in caption stating, ‘Layoff Everyone.’ The morale at the station must be wonderful. I was up in the office on a Saturday, the 2 managers were nowhere to be found. Seriously…2 managers for 3 employees?? Talk about milking the system. Not to mention 2 managers who are never there! With so many people out of work I think it’s very poor judgment to have a cartoon like this up where the employees can see it. I would have complained to a manager but they weren’t there. Isn’t Saturday the transfer station’s busiest day??”

“Thumbs up to the coaches of the 5-6 year old

Patriots flag football team!! Thank you so much Brandon, Jay, and Dion for doing such a great job coaching our team!!! Working with the little guys can be challenging but you all made it look effortless. This was our son’s first year playing and he had SO much fun!!! I know it was because of the positive and encouraging ways you showed him how to play. Thank you for taking your time and showing great patience when working with him. You guys are the best!!! Our sincerest appreciation, The Pilato Family”

“Thumbs down to Gov. Lynch, he comes from MA, that explains him to a tee. Hopefully he will not be re-elected. Pelham”

Thumbs down to Linda Mahoney and Lorraine

Dube! You ask for a bare bones addition plan, get it, publish it in the Pelham/Windham news and then at the next school board meeting come out saying you don’t support it. Do you support ANYTHING???”

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“Thumbs down to those still clinging to the misconception that we can just slap up an addition. Please get all the facts, add up all the numbers and understand the entire school system in Pelham is the issue, not just the high school. Too many people in this town can’t get it out there head that just because 12 (million for an addition) is less the 38 (million for a new school), that is a less expensive solution to the issues we are facing. The $12 million addition plan doesn’t even solve the High School accreditation issues

4/15/08 2:38:14 PM

(bet you didn’t bother to check into what that 12 million “bargain” was really getting you). Then you have to find out what the cost of expanding the Memorial school will be. Then, you have to decide what to do at PES as that too many need to be expanded. While you spend years trying to get these approved, we keep wasting money on modular classrooms (trailers) which is lost $$ we’ll never get any return on. It isn’t that ‘us people’ want a big shiny school for kids, it’s that we know the real cost effective solution is to do something right the first time. How good does that state aid to build a new school look now?”

“Thumbs down to the parent whining about

varsity playing time. Varsity level is competitive! The next step is high school. Wake up and understand that as they get older it is about winning! You were told this straight out in August and chose to stay! This is playoffs... are you kidding me? The philosophy of ‘everyone plays’/ instruction level, MPR’s ends at J.V…. did he even

for our kids! There was food and fun and great decorations. Focus was on the fall athletes and everyone had a GREAT time! ‘Thumbs up’ to the administration as well for really helping to make the night a wonderful evening for everyone! Cheers Booster club!!”

“Thumbs down to the ‘lady’ praising Pres. Obama for taking care of and protecting her seven babies. Take a good look lady, it is not Obama providing the care, he could care less for you and your children. It is the honest, hard- working people who go to work every day, pay their taxes, and take care of their families as well as yours. Something other than your children needed protection before you had them. We need a president who will make people like you get off their duffs and provide for their own.”

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play on the instructional teams??? Parents need to stop wiping their kids bottoms! Great job varsity team and coaches. You certainly know the game of football and teach ALL kids the game regardless of how many minutes they get on the field game day. This parent needs to watch practices and see that his son is being taught how to play the game of football and his skills get better throughout the season. By the way ... does your son go to every practice??? Is he late ??? This level is also about commitment, responsibility, determination and work ethic. Next time, listen to the coach when he talks to parents!”

“Thumbs down to the ‘Thumbs way up to Obama lady.’ First of all, it is not Obama money, that is tax money paid by the people of this once great country. If you cannot afford to pay for your seven kids maybe you should not have had that many. Why should we have to pay for your kids? Why aren’t their ‘dads’ paying for them. It is because of people like you that we are in the situation we are in today.”

“Thumbs up to Pelham School Board member Mrs. Ryan, who Stands-Up for student achievement. Mrs. Ryan works diligently for our students, putting their education needs first and foremost. She is always looking for the Best not the least for our students. She stands up for the students knowing that they don’t have a voice or a vote. Way to go Debbie! All 58.6% who want the Best for our children We Stand with you! The work begins anew!”

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Shay is a sweet six year old female Rottweiler who came to our shelter as a result of a divorce. She is housetrained, good with kids, walks well on a leash, knows basic commands and enjoys going for rides in the car. She gets along well with dogs but, is not open to living with cats. Shay was given way too many treats in her life so will need several daily walks to help her get her weight to a healthy goal. Due to her weight issue, Shay is only able to climb a few stairs at present. She is not able to climb a large flight or jump in a car (with a boost she will love you for the ride). We are pretty certain

that as her weight issue is worked on, her mobility will pick up.Shay loves to be petted and will nudge you when you sto to tell you she wants more love! Shay will do well in a home with older children and a family who has rottie experience. She will also need a family that has time to walk her to help shed those pounds. If you think Shay would be a good addition to your family

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“Thumbs down to the Hannaford’s worker who decided to walk in the MIDDLE of the driving lane on Sunday afternoon! We saw that poor car behind you - you walked right out in front of them! Thank goodness they beeped to make you stop and realize that you were in the middle of the road. Hopefully the grocery store was sending you home. If you act like this when you are sober, you are really gonna hurt someone!”


up to the best Memorial School Sports Awards banquet! The Booster Club really went all out to make this a great night

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“Thumbs down to the Windham Recreation Department for wasting taxpayer money on something they could have gotten for free. Instead of accepting donated trees and labor from a local nursery, they paid another company to plant trees at Griffin Park. No wonder our taxes keep going up. No one making decisions about where the money goes has any common sense. Maybe the Recreation Department could pretend from now on that the money they spend is actually coming out of their pockets. Maybe they will be less likely to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Thumbs down to Difrusia.

You can hide behind the independent pack although the

public register shows you are the treasurer. But you cannot run for office as a Republican and continue to vote … What a tangled web you weave Tony, funding Carol Webber’s campaign, and extremely liberal democrat, getting her elected so your liberal votes on the issues would be… This Nov. 2nd election is all about getting rid of the deceitful liberal politicians like you.”

“Thumbs down. Hands off my car Anthony Difrusia, I did not appreciate your magnate begging for a vote being placed on my car and if you lose by one vote, know that it was mine. You had it, now you lost it.”

“Thumbs up for all the people who work at Hannaford in Pelham, we thank you for your honesty and kindness from the Brunelle family and for finding my wedding band and an extra thanks to Nick Downs who found the ring which is 33 years old, who turned it in. I just want to say thank you, I hope his managers realize what a good honest worker they have working for them. He must come from a wonderfully raised family.”

“Thumbs down to the parents of the Pelham football team and cheerleaders. Everyone knew Friday’s game against Southhegan high school was going to be a tough game. The 8 parents who showed up were a disgrace! Is this how you support your children?“

“Thumbs down. Why support the school

board? They hire a janitor without asking. They hire a vice principal when told not to. And they spend a million dollars a year that was supposed to be a reimbursement for paying off the elementary schools on their own budget. The school board marches to the beat of their own drum they don’t need the support of the voters. Come this march I don’t plan on giving them my support, how about you?”

“Thumbs up to buying any and all available

properties adjacent to the high school as to increase future building additions and parking. Utilize what we have where we have it. Thank you for your common sense, Ms. Mahoney and Ms. Dube.”

brings you home. to be part of it call 880-1516

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Pelham~Windham News

brings you home. to be part of it call 880-1516


Suzy is a very sweet 2 1/2-yr-old female hound/shep mix who weighs around 75lbs. When Suzy came to us from GA, she was a shy girl who just needed time and

patience to learn that life is good and humans are loving. She has been in a foster home and has made exceptional progress within a family environment. She loves all humans and really enjoys other dogs. According to her foster Mom, a friendly game of tag with the dogs and a nice nap are among her favorites. Suzy is also is crate trained and house trained. Suzy will need to have a

secure fenced in yard as she loves to explore the outdoors. Suzy is a very special girl who has so much love to offer. All she needs is a family to love her....could that family be yours? If you would like to meet Suzy, please complete an adoption application at

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