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Tere are three requirements to manifest your vision:

1. Align yourself with your desires 2. Take ACTION and 3. Release your vision to the Universe.

Te most potent and participatory way I know to affirm and manifest our desires is by using daily affirmations in the form of an Affirmative Prayer. Tis concept comes from the teachings of Earnest Holmes in his book, “Te Science of Mind”, which was made popular by Louise Hay, creator of Hay House and author of “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Te premise for affirming our desires is that we live in a Universe that is in constant unity, wholeness, and goodness. Tis Universe is here to serve us, and has a power that each one of us can tap into at any time. We are a part of the Universe and part of it lives within us. We identify this energy source by many different terms, sometimes we call it Spirit, Soul, Energy, or Life Source, and we are always connected to this incredible power. One of the many laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. Te Law of Attraction means that when we align our desires with our actions, and take action to do what needs to be done, we can expect that great things will happen as a result of our actions.

However, it is important that we must then let go of our attachment and our need to control the journey of how our vision manifests itself. By letting go of this attachment, we are able to live in the present moment instead of ruminating about the past, worrying about what didn’t work, or anticipating the future fighting the Universe by trying to control the way our vision will manifest.

Our thoughts are like a magnet. We have the mental power to attract and create whatever we imagine. Tis is why it is important to focus on our everyday desires. Te more focused our thoughts, the stronger will be our commitment and willingness to take the steps needed. Te stronger our conviction, the more likely we are to experience a more fulfilling, passionate and limitless life. When we consistently repeat this process, we form new habits changing how we feel, changing our thought patterns, thereby creating different experiences for ourselves. However, it takes strong commitment and discipline in order for someone to fully experience this kind of awakening and feel the power and infinite possibilities of this new situation.

Tis workbook is designed to help provide the commitment and discipline. However, if you skip a day or two when working with the workbook, do not despair. Just pick up where you left off and continue. It is important not to berate yourself or stop working if you do go off track.

It takes time to discipline our minds and actions. Remember, we have had years of thinking and living our lives in a certain way. Now you are exercising your brain and teaching yourself to think and respond differently.


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