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Day 6

Gratitude - the Bridge between what you don’t want and what you desire.

Gratitude is one of the most important states of being when we want to manifest our higher vision. If we are able to find something to be grateful about in what may seem to be the lousiest situation, we shift our awareness from power-less to power-full. For example:

I don’t like my job and no longer wish to be in this type of work. However, I am grateful for the skills I have learned that will support me in my new venture.

We co-create every situation in our lives with the Universe even if we are unaware of it. Co-creation means that we actively create our life experiences with our thoughts, actions, and the vibrational energy we put out to the world.

When our state of being is positive, we create and attract positive experiences. If we are in a negative state, we attract negativity. Often when we attract negative experiences into our lives, we look to blame something or someone outside ourselves. It’s important to remember that we always have a choice in how we perceive a situation and how we choose to manage it. All of our experiences can lead us to opportunities for growth and learning. When we take responsibility for what we are co-creating, and respond to situations from a loving, empowered place, we make choices that support us in living the life we desire.

On an energy level, gratitude vibrates at the same level as love. Terefore, when we are in a state of gratitude, we love others and ourselves instead of begrudging and blaming external factors or ourselves for what is not working.

When we are in this place of gratitude, we connect with an incredible internal power that empowers us to manifest our higher vision.


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