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LVIV gears up for 2012

Ukraine’s westernmost region, Lviv, may not have the heavy industry of the eastern regions, or the ports of the south, but its geographic location and the graduates of Lviv University are among the attractions for foreign investors as Mr Vasyl Horbal, Head of Lviv Regional Administration explained to UBI on the eve of a planned regional cross border conference.

UBI: What is the purpose of the forthcoming cross-border conference? Is it purely covering political issues or does it also cover cross-border trade and economic issues, such as grey market imports etc? VH: The purpose of the Xth International economic forum, ‘Transboundary cooperation. The prospects’ is to discuss and instigate new international economic initiatives in the sphere of transboundary cooperation, and investigate the problems and prospects for regional development and transboundary cooperation in a wider international context.

“As the head of area, I fully appreciate that improving the economic conditions for the local population will require attracting foreign and domestic private investment.

“We understand that there are obstacles to

be overcome to attract investment to the Lviv region and by holding the forum we

will invite collective suggestions to overcome these obstacles.

“First of all forum will address the issue of economic action in relation to the current situation in region and in Ukraine in general, which has caused the postponement of regeneration policies in the second plan, then we will address the real work, including the attraction of investments into area.”

UBI: Lviv is the westernmost region in Ukraine – what advantages does this provide for potential investors in the region? What other advantages does the region provide – such as workforce, tourist potential etc? VH: “Thanks to its geographic location, the Lviv region plays an important geopolitical role. The affinity with the country’s border with the European union is a strength of the area for investors. Lviv district contains eight interstate cargo-passenger check points operating across

38 UkraineBusiness insight October/November 2010

the border. The region’s transport network is also well developed. The Lviv district is on the transit route to many capitals in East and Western Europe, and also contains two international transport corridors; Berlin-Kyiv and Trieste-Lviv. In addition, Lviv Airport links Lviv to the capital and regional centres, as well as many cities of the Near East, Central and Western Europe.

“To establish a successful business it’s not enough simply to have a good geographical location and developed infrastructure. It is also vital that there is a high calibre of potential employees. In this regard, the Lviv region also has a lot to offer the investor, as Lviv is one of Ukraine’s primary cities for education and training in many fields of activity, producing experts in areas such as computer sciences, the chemical industry, medicine, economic, building and many other specialisations.

“With all this on offer, I can safely say that

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