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Ukraine Rich List

The brothers control several big oblenergos – regional energy distribution companies – and are among the main energy players in the country. They also have assets in banking, construction, and real estate. But the Surkis brothers’ main claim to fame is in football. Their FC Dynamo Kyiv has an annual budget of $68 million, but as they coyly explain, not because it is such a profitable team. The Surkis brothers played a big part in the success of the joint Ukraine-Poland bid for Euro 2012.

Hryhoriy born in 1949 in Odesa, married,

has a son and a daughter. Ihor born in 1958 in Kyiv, married, has

two daughters.

37. Yevhen Chernyak: US $306 million Food industry, construction, metallurgy, retail Chernyak’s Khortycya horilka (vodka) is one of the market leaders, if not the leader (depending on who is counting). Chernyak has told Korespondent that Khortycya is rapidly paying off its debts. His companies also produce electrical filters, and he owns the Zaporizhzhya coloured metals plant and trades scrap metals. He claims never to have joined a political party.

Born in 1969 in Zaporizhzhya, married, three sons.

38. Vitaliy Antonov: US $302 million Oil refinery, finance Antonov’s Khlibprom is the biggest breadmaker in Ukraine producing up to 8% of the nation’s bread. He is also the president of the board of one of the biggest petrol station owners, Concern Galnaftogas, which owns 300 Okko petrol stations. He also has interests in investment and insurance and is an honorary consul of Lithuania in Lviv.

Born in 1962 in Stryj, Lviv region. Married, two daughters and a son.

39. Volodymyr Zahoriy: US $297 million Pharmaceuticals Volodymyr Zahoriy’s Darnytsya pharmaceutical firm is the biggest in Ukraine, according to the firm’s website. The man himself has a kandydat nauk and doctor nauk degrees in pharmacy and is an active researcher with an interest in Ukraine’s pharmaceuticals legislation. In February this year Zahoriy’s Darnytsya lost a court case against Farmak pharmaceutical company of

Born in 1967, connected with Dnipropetrovsk. According


Korrespondent, he is married, has two daughters and two sons.

42. Serhiy Buryak, Oleksandr Buryak: US $261 million Finance

44. Filya Zhebrovska: US $257 million Pharmaceuticals

In 2009, Ms Zhebrovska’s Farmak company reported record profits. In the year which saw the flu epidemic and several other health scares Farmak sold some 70% more drugs than previously. Starting out as an accountant, Filya Zhebrovska rose to the position of company director in 1995. Her brother Pavlo Zhebrovsky is a pro-Yushchenko MP.

Born in 1950 Zhytomyr region.

45. Ihor Yeremeyev: US $249 million Oil refinery, food industry, retail The co-owner of the Continuum Group which controls one of the biggest chains of petrol stations, WOG. Three years ago Yeremeyev bought over 27% shares of the Kherson oil refinery. He also served in the previous parliament as the head of the Narodna Party faction.

The brothers’ Brokbiznesbank suffered in the crisis, was refinanced by the National Bank of Ukraine to the tune of UAH 2.2

Born in 1968 in Rivne region. Married, has a son.

October/November 2010 UkraineBusiness insight 33

Born in 1964 in Kirovohrad region. Married, has a son and a daughter.

41. Vadym Yermolayev: US $266 million Construction, logistics, finance, food industry, agriculture Vadym Yermolayev’s Alef group has assets in several industries, including construction, logistics, alcoholic beverages and agriculture. The Dnipropetrovsk businessmen financed the campaign of the runner-up in the last presidential elections Yulia Tymoshenko. His candidate for the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk has also lost. Yermolayev has kept himself well hidden from the public eye.

Filya Zhebrovska (No. 44) which retained the copyright to the popular Korvalol heart drops.

Born in 1951 in Poltava region. Married, has a son and a daughter.

40. Oleksandr Kardakov: US $275 million IT Oktava group of companies reported UAH 1.7 billion profits in the 2009 financial year. The profits came as the IT market in Ukraine had not even begun to recover from its near collapse in the crisis. The owner of the group, Kardakov, is optimistic about the future and predicts a sharp rises in demand when companies climb their way out of crisis.

billion, and finished the first quarter of 2010 with a healthy profit of UAH 19 million. The head of the National Bank, Volodymyr Stelmakh, before this appointment to his current position, was the head of the advisory board at Brokbiznesbank. The elder Buryak brother had a 2-year stint as the head of the country’s tax administration. The younger Buryak is in his third term as an MP, currently with BUT.

Serhiy Buryak born in 1966 in Donetsk,

married, has a son and a daughter. Oleksandr Buryak born in 1970 in

Donetsk, married.

43. Mykola Yankovsky: US $259 million Chemicals, pharmaceuticals Mykola Yankovsky has been at the steering wheel of Stirol since 1988. Since then the company lived through several transformations. Today it is known as OAO Concern Stirol and is a major producer of fertilisers, ammonia, acids etc. A Doctor of economical sciences, professor Yankovsky also teaches technology in Donetsk. A long- time member of the Party of Regions, he has served in Parliament several times.

Born in 1944 in Kirovohrad region but

connected with Donetsk. Married, two daughters and a son.

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