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FEATURE Ukraine Rich List

gas intermediary money to the tune of US $5 billion or enough gas to last the whole country for three months. The controversial decision of the ex-premier Yulya Tymoshenko to expropriate the gas from RosUkrEnergo storage has come back to haunt the government of her successor, Mykola Azarov. Other Firtash businesses also suffered under the government of Tymoshenko who was famously hostile to this oligarch. In the last elections, however, the once Orange- friendly businessman returned to his former friends and today’s party of power, the Party of Regions.

No. 36, Gregory Surkis

29. Petro Poroshenko: US $384 million Food industry, automobile industry, mass media The businesses activities of Petro Poroshenko’s group Uk r p rominve s t stretch from sugar to minibuses, from chocolate to television. His 5 Kanal, one of the

smaller channels, has recently been hit by the reversal of the earlier decision to award them new frequencies. 5 Kanal was one of the few outlets for the then opposition during the Orange Revolution and keeps a relatively independent editorial agenda today. Poroshenko himself was rumoured to have been favoured by ex-president Yushchenko to become his first Prime Minister, but the post went to Yulia Tymoshenko. Poroshenko was made Secretary of the National Security Council instead. He was the last Foreign Minister of the last Tymoshenko government.

Born in 1965 in Odesa region. Married, has two sons and two daughters.

30. Ihor Dvoretsky: US $372 million Steel, finance A beneficiary and deputy head of the board of Zaporizhstal steel plant, Ihor Dvoretsky is also a co-owner of Industrialbank. Recently he became interested in the pharmaceutical sector.

Born in 1963 in Kamchatka, Russia. Lives

and does business in Zaporizzhya. Has three sons and a daughter.

31. Eduard Shifrin: US $368 million Steel Like Dvoretsky, Shyfrin is one of the owners of Zaporizhstal through Guernsey-registered Midland Resources Holding Ltd. Like his Midland Resources business partner Aleks Shnaider, he has been trying to sell his assets which, according to Astrum Investment Management, suffered losses in the millions of dollars in the 2009 post-crisis period. He is known as one of the least public Ukrainian super-rich.

Born in 1960 in Dnipropetrovsk, lives in London. Married, has three children.

32. Mykola Tolmachov: US $358 million Agriculture, construction, winemaking Mykola Tolmachov is the principal owner of Sintal Agriculture. The company raised $34.5 million on the Frankfurt stock exchange last year, selling 15% of its stock. An ex-bricklayer and student construction brigade leader, Tolmachov – who, like many in construction, saw that side of his business sag and his assets lose value – is planning to use the new capital for agriculture.

Born in Torez, Donetsk region, in 1961. Married, two sons.

33. Dmytro Firtash: US $354 million Gas, chemicals, energy As with many Ukrainian oligarchs, not that much is known about Firtash (see the profile in the June/July 2010 issue of UBI) but his name is known very well. On the 19th of August, a Kyiv rayon court legalised the ruling in favour of his RosUkrEnergo supporting the decision of the Stockholm arbitrage institute. According to this decision, the state of Ukraine owes Firtash’s

32 UkraineBusiness insight October/November 2010

Born in 1965 in Ternopil region. Divorced, has a daughter.

34. Artur Abdinov: US $353 million Steel, finance A board member and co-owner of Industrialbank, Abdinov is also first deputy head of the board of Ekspres-bank and a board member of Khreshchatyk bank. He also has assets in steel and insurance. The 51- year old Artur Abdinov graduated from the Simferopol university with a law diploma at 38 and received a degree in finance from an institute in Zaporizhzhya at 47.

Born in 1959, connected with

Zaporizhzhya. Married, two sons and a daughter.

35. Vasyl Khmelnytsky: US $340 million Real estate, agriculture, finance, investment Vasyl Khmelnytsky used to be the biggest producer of glass in the country. But in 2009, as the construction sector in Ukraine virtually ground to a halt and Chinese and Russian glass invaded the market, he sold his Lysychansky glass plant Proletar to a fellow Party of Regions member Serhiy Dunayev. Today, Khmelnytsky together with his partner Andriy Ivanov (54th richest Ukrainian, according to Kopespondent) controls assets in the food industry, real estate in the capital and banking, among others. He was elected to parliament with first the Green Party and then BUT, currently serving his fourth term as a Party of Regions MP.

Born in 1966 in Kazakhstan, studied in Kyiv. Married, two sons.

36. Hryhoriy Surkis, Ihor Surkis: US $314 million Energy, finance, construction, sport, mass media

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