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Ukraine Rich List

plant has been losing money – to an extent, Skudar says, because of the non- return of VAT which he is entitled to as an exporter. But this year the business climate must be warmer for this MP in the ruling Party of regions.

Born in 1942 in Chytinskaya region, Russia. Married, has two daughters.

20. Volodymyr Boyko: US $589 million Steel, agriculture

22. Ivan Huta: US $519 million Agriculture Ivan Huta’s holding Mriya has major ambitions with plans to invest in new grain terminals, new machinery, and rent a lot of new arable land. Mriya (Ukrainian for ‘dream’) dreams of another sugar plant to add to the six it owns already.

Born in 1956 in Ternopil region. Married with two sons.

23. Valentin Isak: US $499 million Construction, finance His construction company is called Stolytsya (Capital), but it has also a major presence in Cherkasy and some other regions. Both Isak’s businesses suffered in the crisis but seem to have somewhat recovered, and Stolytsya is planning to finish the construction of a residential complex Mykolaiv. He is an enthusiastic builder of Orthodox temples, but merchants are not banished from under his roof either. Together with his partners Isak has built a huge commercial and entertainment centre in Kyiv which was given an English name - Dream Town.

Born in 1951 in Moldova. Married, has two daughters.

Boyko’s biggest asset – Mariupol steel plant ‘MMK imeni Illicha’ – has been a subject of a raider attack, according to the man himself. A Russian business group bought out Illich-Stal, the company which controlled MMK imeni Illicha. Other unsubstantiated sources claimed that he sold Illich-Stal to the Russian group voluntarily but did not want to disclose the deal.

Born in 1938 in Mariupol, Donetsk region. Married, has a daughter.

21. Serhiy Tihipko: US $566 million Banking, insurance, construction, steel Deputy prime-minister in charge of economy, Tihipko finished third in this year’s presidential elections. Both the winner Viktor Yanukovych and the runner- up Yulia Tymoshenko claimed before the second round that they would invite Serhiy Tihipko into their government. Tihipko has a lot of experience both in banking and politics.

Born in 1960 in Moldova, connected

with Dnipropetrovsk. Married, has four children.

24. Anatoliy Yurkevych: US $469 million Food industry, retail, machine building, IT

Anatoliy Yurkevych estimates the annual turnover of his 11 milk processing factories as US $400 m. Over a half of this turnover is provided by his only factory in Moscow, Russia. He also has a small chain of six supermarkets ‘Kray’ and one hypermarket ‘Krayina’. He owns the shopping and entertainment centre chain Magellan and a building and development company City State.

Born in 1968 in Kazakhstan. Married, has two sons and a daughter.

25. Vyacheslav Bohuslayev: US $453 million Aircraft construction Bohuslayev’s Zaporizzhya based company Motor Sich is likely to be involved in the construction of every Ukrainian plane. It produces more than 50 types of motors for over 60 types of planes and helicopters used in a hundred countries around the world, with Russia being the biggest customer. The recent decision by Kyiv and Moscow to bring together their aircraft building

Tariel Vasadze is having to economise as car sales in Ukraine have dropped 75%, and production has fallen more than 80%. Vasadze’s UkrAvto group has decided to close another six branches. Perhaps due to the cuts the owner of the group received more than UAH 5 m profit in 2009. He is serving his third term in parliament as an MP for Yulya Tymoshenko’s bloc.

Born in 1947 in Georgia, has a daughter and a son.

October/November 2010 UkraineBusiness insight 31

might prove beneficial for him. He is also an MP for the Party of Regions.

Born in 1938 in Kazakhstan, married, has a son.

26. Olha Nechytaylo-Ridzhok: US $411 million Food industry, retail, distribution The first woman on the rich list is also the richest horilka (vodka) maker. Her group of companies Bayadera (TM Khlibny Dar) has achieved a 24.4% market share according to the Ukrvodka association, thus becoming a leader in the country (the main competitors, Khortycya, contest these figures). Her son manages the Eko chain of supermarkets which belongs to Bayadera.

Born in 1953 in Horlivka, Donetsk region. Married, has a son.

27. Oleksandr Hereha: US $400 million Retail Building hypermarkets Epicentr, Hereha’s 22-store YI empire, employs 14,000 people. The new Epicentr store in Kyiv, opened in 2009, was hyped as the largest in the world, with 56 thousand square metres of space. This year, Oleksandr Hereha has made some inroads into the Polish linoleum market.

Connected to Khmelnytsky region.

Married, his wife Halyna is his business partner. The couple have a son.

28. Tariel Vasadze: US $390 million Automobile industry

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