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UkraineBusiness insight

News Analysis: Yanukovych six months on

Agriculture interview

Yuriy Kosiuk, owner of Myronivsky Hliboproduct, one of the country’s biggest agro-holding companies is exclusively interviewed by UBI.

Agriculture Market report 1 Food Processing interview 17

Ukraine’s agricultural sector is set to become an increasingly important player on the world food markets, a factor highlighted by Russia’s wheat export ban. What are the prospects for growth?


Dr George Logush, Vice President Kraft Foods, explains how Kraft established its operations in the region, providing an example for international companies daunted by the difficulties encountered in the country, with advice on how to overcome them and secure profits. P19

Agriculture Market report 2 20

As food prices increase, the attractiveness of Ukraine’s agricultural sector comes to the fore, but the sector still too risky for the foreign investor? And in practical terms, how should foreign companies enter the market given land is not yet directly for sale?

EU negotiations 23

While EU membership is off the cards for now, joining the FTA is underway. Brussels calls the agreement negotiated with Kyiv “the most ambitious so far” and claims it will give Ukraine “a part of the EU’s internal market”.


In an interview with UBI, Yuriy Kosiuk explains the background to MHP’s dominance of the Ukraine poultry market – and plans for further expansion

25 Profile: Akhmetov Ukraine’s Rich List 25

The richest Ukrainian, Rinat Akhmetov, possibly the 24th richest man in the world, has a crucial role to play in the country’s development.


Who are the richest people in Ukraine? How much do they have and what do they do? This extensive expansion on an early report in Russian provides an overview of Ukraine’s elite and throws up some interesting details.

Lviv Region 38

Vasyl Horbal, Head of Lviv Regional Administration explains to UBI what the country’s westernmost region has to offer investors, and what projects are currently underway or planned.


Editorial Comment p4; Business Comment p6; Legal Comment p7, Market Comment p18; News Focus p37; Business Opportunities p41; Events Diary p42

October/November 2010 UkraineBusiness insight 3 4

The Yanukovych administration is demonstrating a return to order and making an impact, but are Ukrainians convinced everything is going in the right direction?

9 9

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