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FEATURE Ukraine Rich List

popular ICTV, and others. His wife famously bought an £80 million detached house in Kensington, in 2008, the most expensive property in London at the time.

Born in 1960 in Dnipropetrovsk, married, has two daughters and a son.

No. 5, Kostyantyn Zhevago Another point worth noting is

the number of multi-millionaires in agriculture. Experts say that agriculture was the only business in Ukraine which grew during the crisis. Some 20 percent of people on the list gained their wealth through agriculture.

1. Rinet Akhmetov: US $17.8 billion. See page 25.

2. Ihor Kolomoysky: US $6.5 billion. Steel, finance, food industry, mass media, energy, chemicals Ihor Kolomoysky is most often in the news due to his media-businesses. He bought one of the most popular TV channels in Ukraine, Studio 1+1, along with a TV channel ‘Kino’, for under $300,000. He is the owner of the Glavred-media holding. Kolomoysky’s main assets are controlled by the group Privat. He owns just under a half (49.154%) of Privat-bank - the biggest commercial bank in Ukraine. Recently, he has been reported to have bought a resort and a bank in Georgia. In 2009, Kolomoysky won the right to privatise the Odesa Port Plant. The US $ 5 billion deal, however, never happened - the then Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko annulled the auction’s results. He is also one of the biggest patrons of football and basketball in Ukraine. This year, Group Privat has begun investing in Budivelnyk - Kyiv’s hockey club. Kolomoysky also has an Israeli passport which he openly admits. He might also be the richest Israeli.

Born in 1964 in Dnipropetrovsk. Married, has a daughter and a son.

3. Hennadiy Boholyubov: US $6.3 billion Steel, finance, chemicals, fuel and energy sector, food industry, retail, mass media Hennadiy Boholyubsky is a partner of number two on the list, Ihor Kolomoysky, and owns 48.997% of Privat-bank. According to reports, last April Privat- bank’s assets reached UAH 92 m - which is about 11% of the entire banking system of Ukraine. Other assets include dozens of companies in Ukraine and abroad, including Russia, USA, Poland and Romania. He also has assets in chemical industries and manganese in Australia. He is connected to Dnipropetrovsk.

Born in 1962 in Dniprodzerzhynsk,

Dnipropetrovsk region. Married with four children.

4. Viktor Pinchuk: US $3.1 billion Steel, mass media, finance Time magazine has included Viktor Pinchuk into its ‘Thinkers’ section of the 100 Most Influential People in the World list. The Viktor Pinchuk Foundation is the largest philanthropic foundation in Ukraine. He is known as the organiser of the Yalta European Strategy - an influential annual meeting called to discuss Ukraine’s European ambitions – a supporter of the arts and an AIDS campaigner, together with his wife Olena, the daughter of ex-President Kuchma. He attempted to privatise Kryvorizhstal steel works at the end of Kuchma’s time in office, but the succeeding government annulled the privatisation. His businesses include the Interpipe Group with assets in steel and pipes, several TV channels, including the

28 UkraineBusiness insight October/November 2010

5. Kostyantyn Zhevago: US $2.4 billion Steel, retail banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery construction, agriculture Kostyantyn Zhevago is one of the first Eastern Europeans to list his company (Ferrexpo) on the London Stock Exchange. He did so in 2007 when Zhevago was only 33. “Zhevago was one of the big winners in the privatisation of state-owned assets after the break-up of the Soviet Union. In his twenties he owned a stake in a securities house and bought shares from workers in numerous undervalued industrial assets. He identified his targets by going to Ukraine’s customs and excise department to discover the 300 biggest exporters” - wrote the Times newspaper at the time.

Zhevago controls one of the largest

banks in Ukraine - the ‘Finances and Credit’. Forbes magazine has named him the youngest self-made multi-millionaire in Europe. Zhevago has been an MP three times and is still a member of the Ukrainian parliament, in Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc (which did not stop him from attending President Yanukovych’s birthday party this summer). According to yet another rating, by Fokus magazine, he is one of the three top absentees from the parliament, after Rinat Akhmetov (No 1 on the richest list) and Andriy Verevsky (No 13).

Born in 1974 in Magadan, Russia. Married, has a son and a daughter.

6. Viktor Nusenkis: US $2.3 billion Steel, food industry Viktor Nusenkis returned to the top ten of the rich list this year after his assets in steel regained some of their earlier value (in 2009 he was number 11 on Korespondent’s list). Another factor which helped him climb the wealth ladder is new information. Korrespondent reported that Nusenkis bought his partner Hennadiy Vasilyev’s share of Donetskstal Industry Group several years ago, and another man thought to have owned a share of the group, Leonid Baysarov, has always been a hired manager. Nusenkis’s

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