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Hudson - Litchfield News October 29, 2010 - 5

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Support for Sharon Carson for State Senate Next Tuesday, I will cast my vote for Sharon Carson for State Senate, and

I encourage you to do the same. Sharon has proven herself to be a hard worker, a common-sense problem-solver, a savvy negotiator, and a thrifty guardian of taxpayer dollars. She is deeply rooted in our community; a familiar and friendly face from her long-time involvement with veterans’ affairs, Old Home Days, the Southern NH Planning Commission, serving Senior Center lunches … the list goes on and on. On one issue of particular, personal importance to me – the recent construction of a PSNH transmission line across my neighborhood – Sharon was on-site as a caring, vigilant advocate for me and my neighbors. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of her constituents in Londonderry, Hudson, and Auburn, and we need her back in Concord to continue her excellent work.

Laura El-Azem - Londonderry

Response to Thumbs Down Comment I am giving my support to the contributor of the November 22 Thumbs

Down “Wake Up Voters, stop the merry go-round” because it’s almost an echo to my recent opinion offering on the very same subject matter. I am sure there are many other Hudson residents who have a similar or the same point of view, but for each of us to occasionally submit a Thumbs Down or Opinion article, doing so will change nothing. Only a gathering of Eagles will promote change. Any government body from the village to the federal government that

doesn’t change names and faces of elected officials, for the perfectly good reason to bring in new viewpoints and ideas, is a government body that will not change much of anything they do and the way they do it. The current President’s campaign on the Promise of Change was so ludicrous, and anybody that bought into it is a fool. On a local level, like in Hudson, there is likely a real fear of change, with new names and ideas. It is an honor to be of service in our villages, towns, cities, states, and federal government, but only a select group of well- connected people ever gets to serve and experience such an honor as an elected official. A perfect example is Vice President Biden, who has been in politics for 36 years or more, and there are others who’ve held onto their power longer than that. That’s 36 years of no other good people with good ideas, who were not well-connected and shut out from having an opportunity to serve as an elected official, which is no different than decades of whites shutting out blacks. It’s organized discrimination in another form by the powerful over the powerless, and as long as the system is not challenged, it will not be changed. When was the last time anybody witnessed a local elected official, stepping down after four years or so, to give some other member of the community an opportunity to serve? The answer is likely never. For all who have served their communities, they’re due our respect, but

when some folks campaign election after election to get re-elected time and time again, that respect dwindles down to some level of scorn. Our corrupt two-party system is the motor that turns the merry go-round and if we want to stop the merry go-round, then we need to get rid of the two-party system ghoulish monster. Maybe we should become a little bit more like the French citizens who openly protest what they’re opposed to, which contributes to the change processes. Most of us on the outside of government, even at the local level, are opposed to the two-party system that has a stranglehold on real changes, yet we go vote because it’s all that we have to work with. To the contributor of “Wake up voters and stop the merry go-round,” I am in the phone and ready to take your call. Make that call today.

Jerry Gutekunst - Hudson Talk to

Support for Senator Sharon Carson The Hudson~Litchfield News of October 22 had a letter by Lorralyn

Juergens from Londonderry. It was a Letter to the Editor that supported Tam Siekmann for District 14 Senator. I have no problem with Juergens’ support for her favorite candidate. I encourage more folks to get out and support a candidate. The body of the letter, however, was a negative letter against the incumbent Sharon Carson. Ms. Juergens’ made Senator Carson look like a poor Senator. Nothing could be further from the truth. Senator Carson is at more events in Hudson than one might expect of their Senator. She supports her constituents whether she agrees with their position or not; they are still her constituents. Sharon attended my grandson’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor just because she could. Senator Carson was a great legislator, retired from the military, and an excellent Senator. You are well represented in the NH Senate by Senator Carson. We need

Talk to 

to throw out the big spenders in Concord, not a fiscal conservative and a downright nice person, who cares about the folks she represents.

Bob Haefner - Hudson Time Again for St. Kathryn Holiday Bazaar and Penny Sale

St. Kathryn Parish in Hudson will be holding their annual Holiday Bazaar and Penny Sale on Saturday, November 13, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, November 14, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. St. Kathryn is located at 4 Dracut Road in Hudson. This will be our 17th year and we would like to thank all who have supported us in the past, and invite you and your friends to join us again for this fun and worthwhile event. This year, we will have a huge assortment of penny sale items, theme baskets, homemade baked goods, homemade candies, quality crafts, Katy’s Kitchen, and our grand raffle. The raffle grand prize is $1,000 cash, second place is $500 cash, and third place is $250 cash. There will be a kids’ play area and Pictures with Santa. We

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Carol Holleran - Hudson Please Support Pro-Liberty Candidates

A majority of us value liberty as being an irrefutable, fundamental right. It is, after all, one of three unalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, among others. Many of us want to uphold the right to personal liberty and ensure it is not eroded by either casual or purposeful actions by the persons we elect to the state legislature. Towards this end, our local legislators and their votes on matters related to our personal liberties are evaluated and rated by a non-partisan, volunteer coalition—the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA). Reports such as the ‘Liberty Rating’ are generated by NHLA each year and are available online at They categorize proposed legislation into the following subjects: economic freedom, good/bad government, and personal freedom. NHLA publishes their recommendations on upcoming legislation and makes them available to the legislators, weights the importance of the legislation relative to our freedoms, and tallies the voting record for the Liberty Rating. They tout the rating as a valuable voter guide, useful for when the legislators run for re-election. The rating system is transparent and available on their Website for personal study.

Being that the legislators are elected biennially, the NHLA legislator ratings for Hudson and Litchfield for both 2009 and 2010 are listed within: New Hampshire House of Representatives (representing Hudson,

Litchfield, Pelham), listed in order of highest cumulative score (pro-liberty) to the lowest (anti-liberty):


Renzullo, Andrew (R) Ober, Lynne (R) Ober, Russell (R) Ulery, Jordan (R) Haefner, Robert (R) Christiansen, Lars (R) Boehm, Ralph (R) Doherty, Shaun (R) Jasper, Shawn (R) Gandia, Laura (R) Knowles, John (D) Knowles, Mary Ann (D) Hardy, Valerie (D)

the lowest:

Carson, Sharon (R) DeVries, Betsi (D)

Score (2009) 63.16% 10.53%

Score (2010) 70.59% 52.94%

Letter Grade (2009) B-


Letter Grade (2010) B C

Representing Hudson Litchfield

*CT stands for ‘Constitutional Threat’: considered unfaithful to their oath to uphold the New Hampshire Constitution and the rule of law.

A cursory inspection of the ratings shows that:

1. Our district has a lot of decidedly pro-liberty representation. 2. Our pro-liberty representation originates from the Republican Party. 3. Our anti-liberty representation originates from the Democratic Party. 4. Most pro-liberty representatives should be encouraged to vote more often. 5. Finally and most importantly, all of the anti-liberty representatives should not be re-elected.

Talk to

Send your stories and photos to

Please support all of our pro-liberty candidates and reject all of our anti- liberty candidates on November 2. I encourage you to use the above ratings as a guide and look for pro-liberty candidate endorsements on the NHLA website, which are being updated presently.

Send your stories and photos Bill Hubbard - Litchfield Send your stories and photos

Send your stories and photos to

Send your stories and photos to


Send your stories and photos to

Send your stories and photos to

Score (2009) 93.83% 95.68% 93.83% 91.36% 88.27% 85.19% 80.25% 87.65% 79.63% 66.05% 21.60% 21.60% 16.05%

Score (2010) 91.25% 88.13% 87.50% 83.75% 80.00% 75.63% 80.00% 72.50% 65.00% 62.50% 40.00% 40.00% 30.00%

Letter Grade (2009) A+ A+ A+ A A

A- A- A

B+ B- D- D- F

Letter Grade (2010) A A A

A- A- B+ A- B

B- B- C- C- D

Attendance (2010) 100.00% 88.28% 77.82% 95.40% 96.23% 89.96% 92.89% 94.98% 93.72% 57.32% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%

New Hampshire State Senate, listed in order of highest cumulative score to Charlie with

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