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Pelham - Windham News 8 - October 29, 2010

More Letters to our Editor

educational choice, the right to life, personal responsibility, and individual freedoms—all the things that make New Hampshire great! I would appreciate your support again on November

2. Please feel free to contact me at any time and check out my website at

Rep. Marilinda Garcia - Salem To Anthony DiFruscia Imagine my amazement when in last week’s paper

I saw my daughter, State Representative Marilinda Garcia, referred to as “Tweedle-dum” in an ad by the “Independent PAC.” I was a bit confused by this appellation, as she has three college degrees, including a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, which she received just this May. A master’s degree she earned, by the way, while racing between Cambridge, MA, and Concord, juggling graduate-level classes, work, and sessions at the State House after becoming state representative by special election halfway through the 2009 legislative session. Anyway, the ad provoked in me a fury of poetry and verse, so I cracked open my Mother Goose, Lewis Carroll, and Dr. Seuss to get it just right. Since Representative Tony DiFruscia is the Treasurer of the “Independent PAC,” according to the NH Secretary of State’s Office, I direct these rhymes to him:

Humpty DiFruscia did straddle the wall, Humpty DiFruscia did have a great fall. A Democrat I’ll be, at start did say he, Then ‘tis not for me - I’ll Republican be!

I’ll vote Yes, I’ll vote No, I’ll vote No then vote Yes, The public will never sort out this big mess!

“He votes Red, he votes Blue” – is what they will think, But when push comes to shove, I think I’ll vote Pink! Elephants are too smart, Donkeys too slow, The right thing for me – is to be a Rino!

I’ll play hide the deficit, with Governor Lynch, So my re-election then, will now be a cinch! But alas, in Primary time it was seen,

The voters said “No,” this House we must clean! Queen Norelli did frown, at what did go down, For where else could such a fine ally be found? This is not good! This does not suit! Who are these voters that gave me the boot? An Independent – now that’s what I’ll be, They will go now – and write-in for me!

But all the Queen’s donkeys and all the Gov’s men,

Could not put DiFruscia in the State House again. Story time is over – it’s time for bed now – Good Night Tony.

David L. Garcia - Salem

Supporting Marilinda Garcia and Dave Bates for State Representative

Character – Char´ac`ter n. (kar-ik-ter)

1. moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.

2. qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity Clearly, the character displayed in this political

race by Marilinda Garcia and Dave Bates make them worthy of our support and votes for the State of NH. It is unfortunate, but also a true display of lack of moral strength and principles when a fellow Republican resorts to negative campaigning, as we have witnessed with Tony DiFruscia. Please remember that Representative Marilinda Garcia and Representative Dave Bates have been true fiscal conservatives that opposed raising the budget 24 percent, and raising 84 fees. • They are real conservatives • They will work for fiscal responsibility for a true balanced budget

• They will uphold the Constitution Please support Rep. Marilinda Garcia and Rep. Dave


Karen Hettrick - North Salem I’m Supporting State

Representative Shaun Doherty

I will be voting for Shaun Doherty in the upcoming election, and I hope you do, too. Shaun represents more than just our towns in the state legislature; he represents the next generation of New Hampshire. He is fiscally conservative and will not support budgets that rely on loans and accounting gimmicks to make it appear balanced. Shaun is the type of legislator that is always looking for the best possible solution and will help make sure New Hampshire is the place to raise a family, start a business, and gain a top-notch education. Shaun sponsored a bill to make sure every high

school student is taught financial literacy. With the current economic conditions, I could not think of a

better thing to add to the high school curriculum than personal finance and the fundamentals of our economy. If we teach these skills to high school students, they will have the knowledge to compete for better jobs and be far less likely to make poor decisions that lead to excessive debt. There are many more reasons that I am supporting Shaun, but above all, he is a person of strong character and someone we can trust to cast votes with our best interests in mind. I ask you to join me in supporting Shaun Doherty as he seeks a second term as State Representative on Tuesday, November 2.

Donald Hornbeck - Pelham

Is John Knowles a Democrat? Several people have complained recently on the

“Thumbs” page that I neglected to specify in my campaign announcement that I am running as a Democrat. While I find it ironic that people who feel I was “ashamed” to acknowledge my party affiliation are themselves complaining about it anonymously, I am glad to take the time to clarify things for them. First, several quick points: (1) Anyone who has paid attention to town matters for the past 20 years would have already known I was a Democrat—I have run as a member of that party a number of times, including 2006 and 2008 when I was elected as a Democrat. (2) Since I will be listed as a Democrat on the ballot on November 2, there would be no point in trying to hide it! (3) In my announcement, I was particularly interested in letting voters know who I was and what my concerns would be as a Representative, not just that I was a member of one party or another. I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t mentioned it in my announcement. (4) I also wonder if the complainers noticed that most candidates’ announcements do not mention a party affiliation, including many Republicans. Not only am I not ashamed of my party, but I am proud of the things we have accomplished as the majority party over the past four years. Indeed, the Democratic leadership in Concord recently sent out a list of our accomplishments during the past two years—it took more than 100 pages to list them all! Although I obviously cannot mention them all here, I do want to point out one issue—whether we have been good stewards of the state’s financial health and economic environment. • Three independent bond rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P, Fitch) recently reaffirmed NH’s high bond rating at a time of severe economic stress, when most states have been downgraded. These are agencies that have no partisan connection, but are required to give realistic, impartial advice to potential investors in the state.

• The Wall Street Journal (a very fiscally conservative publication) recently named New Hampshire one of the 10 best-run states in the nation. To quote: “Well- run states have a great deal in common with well-run corporations. Books are kept balanced. Investment is prudent. Debt is sustainable. Innovation is prized. Workers are well chosen and well trained. Executives are picked based on merit and not ‘politics.’“

• In a time of severe unemployment throughout the nation, New Hampshire has the second highest job growth in the country (10,000 jobs created last year), the fourth lowest unemployment rate (40 percent lower than nationally, with new jobs created in each of the past four months), and at the same time, the second lowest combined tax burden in the country (the smallest amount based on personal income). This has all happened under Democratic stewardship.

Why would anyone be “ashamed” of that? I thank my anonymous critics for the opportunity to clarify these issues.

John Knowles - Hudson Joe, Can You Hear Me?

In response to the attack on both me and Representatives John and Mary Anne Knowles in the Hudson~Litchfield News, October 15, for backing legislation that requires health insurance companies in the state of New Hampshire to cover the cost of hearing aids for the hearing-impaired, your way of thinking is just plain wrong. I do not have a heart condition, so should I complain

that my insurance company pays for both diagnosis and treatment of this condition? Hey Joe, how about high blood pressure and the myriad of other medical problems that are covered by health insurance? However, Joe, if needed, you can have your health insurance cover Viagra. This, too, increases the cost of the insurance premiums. I do not work

   

for a company that pays for even a portion of my health insurance like you do, Joe. I pay for health insurance myself at a cost of $1,360 per month, per person. I am very happy that you have the resources to pay for your wife’s hearing aid, but such is not the situation for everyone. Are you saying that because of possible increases in the cost of your insurance that anyone with a severe hearing problem is to just learn to live with it, even when there are remedies that can help? What other disabilities would you want not to be covered, Joseph?

Shame on you, Joe, for being so narrow minded. Vivian L. McGuire - Hudson

Richard Pennington for Hillsborough County Attorney

My name is Richard Pennington, and I am running for Hillsborough County Attorney as an Independent. I ask for your vote, regardless of your party, and I promise that I will give the job my all. Please take a look at my advertisement found elsewhere in today’s paper. For more information, or to contact me, visit my Website at Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Pennington - Peterborough Harvest Fest Trick or Treat

Harvest Fest Trick-or-Treating was a great success – a little windy, but still a success – with lots of candy to show for it. I would like to thank the following members of the Windham Economic Development Committee for their help with the Business Trick-or-Treating: Amy Spencer, Ralph Valentine, Bob Young, Sally D’Angelo, Bev Donovan, and Paul Gosselin. A thank-you also goes out to The Common Man, Tom Case, Dennis Root, and Margaret Crisler for operating the shuttle van between The Common Man and Griffin Park to accommodate all those wishing to attend Harvest Fest. A special thank-you to Karl Dubay for making the WEDC banner, and to the local Boy Scouts Troop 266 for helping the businesses set up and break down. Of course, the final and biggest thank-you goes to the businesses that participated in the Trick-or-Treating; your commitment to the Town is wonderful, and we thank you.

Laura Scott - Windham

Supporting John and Mary Ann Knowles for State Representatives

I’ve worked with John Knowles for many years in the high-tech industry and have also been acquainted with him and his wife, Mary Ann Knowles, by residing alongside them here in Hudson for the last 18 years. I’ve never seen two more energetic and dedicated people. In addition to working full-time jobs, they have tirelessly and thoughtfully represented District 27 (Hudson-Litchfield-Pelham) of New Hampshire in the state legislature, helping balance the 2009-2010 state budget, protecting workers by passing the WARN Act to require advance notice of layoffs, helping the unemployed retrain by establishing the New Hampshire Working job training program, and strengthening environmental protections that increase penalties for oil spills and safe drinking water violations. Their perfect attendance record in the legislature speaks to their dedication - they have voted on every piece of legislation proposed during their terms. In addition, they have been active in the community, serving on local school and library boards, and the senior advisory council. Their work has helped New Hampshire be the fifth healthiest state in the nation (up from sixth last year, according to the United Health Federation), collect the second lowest amount of taxes per capita (, and have the fifth lowest amount of spending per-capita of any state in the country ( We should re-elect these two dedicated people to the state legislature, where they can continue contributing and making New Hampshire a safe, high-quality, and affordable place to live.

Ruth Sessions - Hudson

Re-elect Carolyn Webber I got to know Carolyn Webber two years ago

when she was running for her first term as our State Representative. I was struck by her conviction to advocate for the unique needs of Windham and Salem in the arena of State Politics. During her term in office, this is just what she has done. Of course, I see her all the time on the campaign trail now, and perhaps a letter from one candidate endorsing another may carry less weight. But I couldn’t let the opportunity to recommend Carolyn Webber to voters pass by. Carolyn has represented Windham and Salem with a passionate commitment, and has a great attendance and voting record. We need her representing us this next term and beyond. Please join me in voting for incumbent Carolyn Webber, and don’t forget to vote November 2.

Kristi St. Laurent - Windham

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There is a better way...

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