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31 Fashion Sites for sore eyes Lynn Harding

Ignore the annoying search-engine, the aesthetically unpleasing layout, the annoying email notifications and shocking customer service and is a great website. Bear with me, readers: the se-

lection and pricing of this site is fantastic and there’s a reason I have used it more than almost any other

online beauty emporium. The much raved-about 8-Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden is available here for €13.99 and just about every other product imaginable is also stocked at a discounted price. All ranges come in sweet pack-

aging and best of all, delivery is FREE! 100% completely and ut- terly free – and amidst the annoy- ing email updates are money-off

vouchers every now and again. This is Christmas present heaven for me: I got Chanel and D&G products for various folks last year and they arrived in tip-top nick and there are often great gift-packs available if you wade through all the different items. This reminds me…payday tomorrow!

Foundation of looking good Siobhan Brosnan

Flawless skin is something that everyone strives for and with the fantastic range of tinted moisturis- ers and foundations available it’s never been easier to fake perfec- tion. Whether you like the light- weight but minimal coverage of a tinted moisturiser, or strive towards the full coverage that foundation provides, there’s something out there for you! I’ve been a convert to Lush’s

all-natural products for years, so you can imagine my delight when they launched a range of colour supplements. They come in four shades- light pink, dark pink, light yellow and dark yellow - so there’s a hue to suit everyone. They can be used neat as an amazing concealer, or mixed with your own mois- turiser to make a tinted moisturiser that suits your own skin tone and type. You can add more colour sup-

plement or use less depending on the amount of coverage you re- quire. Another fabulous tinted mois-

turiser is No 7’s Dual Protection. This provides surprisingly good coverage for a tinted moisturiser and is so lightweight you don’t even know you’re wearing it! As far as foundations go, a per-

sonal favourite of mine is May- belline’s DreamMatte Mousse. It provides smooth and even cover- age that lasts all day and costs less than ten euro. For normal to oily- prone skin, this is a must-have bar- gain buy. If you favour a powder compact,

there are two that instantly spring to mind. The first, incidentally one that I have often used myself to great effect is Isa Dora’s Velvet Touch Compact Powder. It’s light- weight, provides excellent cover- age and won’t break the bank! Another fantastic powder foun-

Bad hair day be damned! Sorcha Nagle

This is for all of us poor souls on a meagre budget: when we’re scrimping for money to spend on food and beer, hair isn’t really a top priority. Believe it or not, there were days before €40 treatments in Peter Marks, when people had uses for everything. You might not be- lieve me when you see pictures of the Irish of old, but give it a go.A lot of these are not for the faint hearted, or those unaccustomed to nasal assault! Shiny hair: A vinegar rinse is possibly the best thing you can do

for shiny hair; I’m talking to all you brunettes out there! You will smell like Lennox’s on a Friday night, but you won’t regret it. Cider-, apple-, or just plainwhite, pour it over your head as if you were rinsing and voilà. A word of warning, though - don’t forget to shampoo and condition afterwards unless you want to be mistaken for dinner by the somewhat intoxi- cated.

Tangle-free tresses: Another

takeaway treat is a mayonnaise conditioner. Half a cup of mayon- naise for those with above the shoulder hair, or a full cup for

those of you lucky ones with it long, will do the trick. Simply dampen your hair and apply, leave for about a half an hour and rinse well. You will honk, but it’s worth it!

Super skin: If you are on the

nervous side about trying the more adventurous suggestions, you can easily eat your way to healthy hair and skin. Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, which are found in leafy green vegetables, as well as nuts, cod liver oil, and fruit and are all re- markable for nails and hair. In a nutshell (pardon the pun), your Mammy was right!

Chewing gum in your ear: You don’t know how it got there…but it did.

dation that has been recommended to me by an extremely reliable source is MAC’s Studio Fix Pow- der Plus Foundation. At €32, it’s more expensive than most…but Christmas is only a few weeks away!

October 26th 2010 J’adore

Formaldehyde-free nail varnishes from The Body Shop are defo high on my wish-list. I love a manicure as much as the next girl, but have never exactly relished going all Damien Hirst on my talons. Yay!

MAC Venomous Villains finally being launched in Ireland: I’d buy this for the sheer Disney- tastic element alone – and that’s without the stellar quality and colour selection.

Rimmel Professional Eye- brow Pencil: buy this, tame your brows. You will look more awake and instantly even more fabulous, fact.

Hot and Not Je Don’t

Super long nails: these ain’t so super in my book, although it is quite a timely trend for Hal- loween. Maybe it only works for Rihanna. *sigh*

Two-tone hair: i.e. leaving your roots grow out ‘on purpose’. What? Drew Barrymore pulled this off in the Summer, but the trickling down to lesser mortals this Autumn irks me.

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